Leveraging Scale AI Funding for Artificial Intelligence Training

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a complex technology sector that is experiencing exponential growth, both domestically and on the global stage. At a high-level, AI is the culmination of computer science and engineering which result in powerful machine learning capabilities.

“The artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning revolution is well underway, and Canada is at its forefront. From top-ranked educational institutions and market-leading tech companies to world-renowned researchers, Canada’s AI ecosystems are leading global AI developments.”

-Invest in Canada

The significant progress made in AI has brought new and exciting technologies to businesses which allow for improved efficiencies, revolutionary products and services, and the potential to disrupt most industries. However, as new AI opportunities present themselves, new challenges arise and pose learning curves that must be mastered through training and skills development. Thus, small- or medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) have found themselves turning to government funding opportunities through organizations such as Scale AI, to help accelerate and expand innovation in this space.

“Scale AI is playing a key role in supporting Canada’s AI sector and enabling companies to be competitive on a global scale.”

-The Honourable François-Philippe Champagne, Canadian Minister of Innovation, Science and Industry

Scale AI is Canada’s artificial intelligence supercluster which operates across sectors to provide Canadian SMEs with the tools, guidance, and funding needed to effectively transition to an AI-driven establishment. To achieve this, Scale AI is offering an initiative called the Scale AI Professional Development Program. This program is designed to help SMEs and individuals get ahead of the technological revolution.

Funding Amount

Scale AI’s Professional Development Program provides grants that are designed to subsidize common costs associated with training team members on AI. Common training programs cover production, management, and data analysis with AI. Successful SMEs and individual applicants for the Professional Development Program may receive the following funding amounts:

  • Up to 85% of eligible expenses for the first $100,000 of training costs; and
  • Scale AI may support professionals with up to 50% of subsidized registration fees for accredited training courses for select candidates.

Applicant Eligibility

To be eligible for financing from Scale AI for the Professional Development Program, applicants must meet the following criteria:

  • Training must be for employees who work in Canada;
  • A digital intelligence training program must be developed with an accredited training organization; and
  • The business must have a Quebec business number (NEQ) (required for those businesses operating in Quebec) and must not be:
    • A municipal, provincial or federal government department or agency;
    • A political party or association;
    • An organization that has not been interrupted due to labour disputes (strikes or lockouts); and
    • A company still in debt for previously incurred debts with the government unless it complies with a written repayment agreement.

To learn more about what makes an eligible applicant for AI training funding from Scale AI, review the official application information or review the eligibility form.

Eligible Costs

The following costs may be eligible for funding from the Scale AI Professional Development Program:

  • Costs incurred during the facilitation of a training course;
  • Costs associated with content development and customized training;
  • Fees incurred through the Integration of learning (as per the program);
  • Supplies and materials provided as a part of the training programs;
  • Reproduction of instructional materials; and
  • Presentation copyright royalties.

To learn more about the eligible costs for this program, please refer to the Scale AI Professional Development Program page.

Program Timeline

There is currently no deadline for submitting applications to the Scale AI funding for AI training program. Submitted files will be evaluated by a Scale AI committee. Applicants can expect to receive a response about four weeks after submission.

Get Started with Government Funding

If your organization is interested in government funding opportunities for artificial intelligence or is currently operating within the industry and eager to increase productivity, there may be funding for you. Funding for this industry is comprehensive and may be fully dedicated quickly, so make sure your business applies in a timely manner. This white paper is a powerful tool designed to help SMEs navigate the government funding process.

To learn more about manufacturing financial support from the Canadian government, reach out to a Mentor Works representative today. To read about more government funding opportunities related to AI, review our directory for the technology and software development industries.

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