Grants for Alberta Small Businesses: TECTERRA Geo-Placement Program


Editor’s Note: Since this article’s posting, TECTERRA funding programs have been re-launched to provide enhanced support. For details of these new funding streams, visit Mentor Works’ TECTERRA program page.

TECTERRA is dedicated to helping Canadian firms attract, retain and develop highly qualified personnel to support the continued success of geomatics technology in Canada.  In Alberta, one of the ways TECTERRA is helping small geomatics businesses is through the TECTERRA Geo-Placement Program.

TECTERRA Grants for Small Businesses in Alberta: Funding Details

Grants for small businesses in Alberta provided through this TECTERRA funding program offers a generous 50% wage subsidy to cover a maximum of $50,000 of qualified applicants’ salaries over a 12 month period.  Moving expenses of up to $10,000 (as stipulated by CRA) can also be covered through this TECTERRA grant for small businesses in Alberta.

Additional TECTERRA Alberta Small Business Grant Particulars:

The following details outline the funding opportunity available through TECTERRA small business grants Alberta:

  • Amount: Up to 50% of salary covered to a max of $50K for a 12-month period.
  • Projects: Key technical resource to contribute to the success of the development/commercialization of a new geomatics technology.
  • Timeline: 12-month internship. Next deadline for application submissions is October 23, 2014.
  • Eligibility: Small Alberta-based geomatics company (15 or less employees, <$5M annual revenue). Hiring a post-secondary grad of a geomatics or related field who is eligible to work in Canada.

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