$3M in Automotive Technology Grants Support Vehicle Lightweighting

ASIP Awards $3M for Automotive Technology Development

Nemak of Canada Corporation has been awarded up to $3 million in small business grants to develop lightweight automotive engines. This investment will support the development of stronger engine blocks, which will be designed using innovative lightweight aluminium. These engine blocks will provide a more energy efficient automotive system and support future engine technology innovations.

The funding was awarded by Canada’s federal Automotive Supplier Innovation Program (ASIP). This program aims to help automotive parts suppliers perform research and development, ultimately bringing new competitive technologies to market. ASIP may provide up to 50% of project expenses to a maximum $10 million in Canadian manufacturing grants for automotive suppliers.

Canadian government funding will help Nemak of Canada become more innovative by adopting automated robotic systems. This automotive technology will allow the company to increase manufacturing flexibility, increase global competitiveness, and create up to 70 new jobs in Windsor, Ontario.

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ASIP Research Grants Assist Automotive Technology Development

Nemak of Canada Corporation is an automotive parts manufacturer specializing in lightweight materials. The company produces aluminium composite materials, such as components for powertrain and body-structure applications.

The Automotive Supplier Innovation Program recently awarded up to $3 million in small business grants for Nemak to develop the technology in collaboration with another company. This investment will help accelerate the research and development process so that automotive technologies can be adopted faster.

Nemak will manufacture lighter engines using innovative automated robotic systems; this technology will allow the company to use lighter materials based on the robotics’ added precision. This automated production process will improve the company’s productivity and support global market expansion. Additionally, this investment will support the company to create 70 new jobs at its Windsor, Ontario plant.

Automotive Supplier Innovation Program for Technology Development Projects

The Automotive Supplier Innovation Program (ASIP) provides small business funding to support manufacturing research and development projects. Activities should improve a company’s productivity, operational processes, and innovation. The program assists automotive manufacturers to adopt new technologies and improve their ability to drive growth in an increasingly innovative industry.

Canadian manufacturers may receive up to 50% of project costs to a maximum $10 million in ASIP research grants.

Innovative Projects Wanted for ASIP Funding

ASIP funding will only be awarded to highly innovative projects that demonstrate an ability to improve the competitiveness of Canada’s automotive industry. Therefore, all projects should revolve around:

  • Developing new, innovative technologies, products, or processes with a current technology readiness level (TRL) of 4-7;
  • Engineering, designing, or prototyping these new innovations; and
  • Product testing and validation.

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