Build in Canada Innovation Program (BCIP) Supports 8 BC Companies

Build in Canada Innovation Program Funding for BC Technology Businesses

The Build in Canada Innovation Program (BCIP) is a competitive first purchase program offered by the federal government. Through BCIP, which has recently been expanded, Canadian innovators may receive government contracts to partner with a government department who tests and deploys the technology. Through the program, innovators can generate revenues to further develop the technology and support future sales.

Recently, eight British-Columbia-based businesses were awarded funding through the Build in Canada Innovation Program. These projects display significant potential to improve the function of government agencies, which is why they were selected and approved for funding. Project themes range from wearable technologies to computer software, to holographic image projection equipment.

By participating in the Build in Canada Innovation Program, companies may seek specific government departments or engage in a matchmaking service to find a technology testing partner. Once this connection has been made and the government department shows interest in the technology, innovators may be awarded a contract for the first-purchase and testing of the product. All intellectual property (IP) remains in ownership of the company so that further sales can be made.

BCIP Funding Awarded to 8 British Columbia Firms

In December 2017, eight technology and innovation-based firms in British Columbia were announced as recipients through the Build in Canada Innovation Program. For these projects, more than $5 million will be awarded to support the companies’ testing and commercialization activities. Recent BCIP awardees include:

  1. Bionic Power Inc. is a wearable technology innovator who received a BCIP contract worth $369,159. The company’s renewable energy innovation, the Knee Based Energy Harvester, captures energy produced by movement of the knees and makes it useable as a remote power source.
    Procurement/Testing Departments: Department of National Defence and the Canadian Armed Forces.
  2. H+ Technology Ltd. is a holographic technology developer who received a Government of Canada procurement contract valued at $1,029,466. Its HoloMAX innovation is a scalable, completely customizable tabletop platform that converts digital content from a computer, tablet or smartphone into a 3D holographic experience.
    Procurement/Testing Department
    : Department of National Defence.
  3. Nanozen Industries Inc. is a wearable technology innovator who was awarded $541,148 in support to develop a Smart Ventilation Controller. This wearable monitor detects dangerous dust particles in the air.
    Procurement/Testing Departments
    : National Research Council Canada and Health Canada
  4. Octothorpe Software Corporation is a software-based technology developer which was awarded $369,159 in Government of Canada procurement contracts to pilot its madeus Decision System, a sophisticated yet easy-to-use solution that helps improve the effectiveness and efficiency of decision making.
    Procurement/Testing Department
    : Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada.
  5. Pug Pharm Productions Inc. is a leading online community and gamification developer. Through BCIP, the company has been awarded $428,290 in government contracts for its Picnic™ Community Platform, an activity, gameplay and contesting platform that turns websites, Facebook pages, mobile applications and online projects into engaging and interactive user experiences.
    Procurement/Testing Department
    : Natural Resources Canada and Public Services and Procurement Canada.
  6. Tanka is a satellite technology software developer which has been awarded a Government of Canada procurement contract worth $575,851 for its OLII Forest Fire Detection, a software platform that detects, monitors and maps wildfires from high-resolution satellite imagery.
    Procurement/Testing Department
    : Natural Resources Canada.
  7. Two Hat Security Research Company is a leading online software developer whose technologies detect high-risk content for online games, social networks, messaging apps and help keep communities safer. The company will receive up to $530,154 in BCIP funding to support Project Haystack, software which uses state‑of-the-art artificial intelligence called “computer vision” to identify illegal digital content.
    Procurement/Testing Department
    : Royal Canadian Mounted Police.
  8. World West Technologies Inc. is a software developer who offers products and services to accelerate connectivity development cycles and streamline IT infrastructure. World West Technologies will receive a $574,540 contract for Mobius ESB, a platform that eliminates data integration challenges by providing simple and reliable conversion to more modern systems.
    Procurement/Testing Department
    : Public Services and Procurement Canada.

About the Build in Canada Innovation Program (BCIP)

The Build in Canada Innovation Program is a unique Canadian government funding and commercialization support program. Offered to businesses across the country, BCIP helps businesses partner with federal government departments who can purchase and test pre-commercial technologies. This accelerates the commercialization process and leads to improved products/services reaching the market.

Typically, BCIP contracts are provided to support technology projects with up to $500,000 (standard innovations) or up to $1 million (military innovations).

To qualify for BCIP funding, innovators must be Canadian-based companies who own the intellectual property (IP) for a given technology. These innovations must have a minimum 80% Canadian content and maintain a technology readiness level (TRL) of 7-9 at the time of application. Companies may apply through either BCIP’s traditional streams, or through the new BCIP Challenges Initiative.

How to Apply for BCIP Support

Traditional Build in Canada Innovation Program streams operate on an open call for proposals; this means companies can connect with a government department and initiate applications whenever the technology is ready. Matchmaking services are also available to help companies find an interested department, but this can delay the process.

Under the new Challenges Initiative, companies must wait to apply during a federal department’s call for proposals. The government departments will then call ahead the most promising applicants.

Mentor Works can assist the BCIP application process. If you would like to discuss your technology’s suitability for the program, please contact Mentor Works.

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