$470k in BCIP Funding Awarded to Innovative Water Technology Company

Build in Canada Innovation Program Grants for Innovative Water Technology

The government of Canada has recently awarded Prince Edward Island-based company Island Water Technologies with a federal government contract and research and development grants. This financial support will help the business’ innovative water technology be tested in real-life situations in preparation for entering the marketplace. Funding will allow the company to install nine bio-electrode sensors at wastewater facilities across Canada.

Island Water Technologies is receiving an investment of $470,000 from the Build in Canada Innovation Program (BCIP).

The Build in Canada Innovation Program (BCIP) is a permanent, competitive first purchase program offered by the Canadian government. Businesses across Canada can receive support from the program to partner with federal government departments, who purchase and test their pre-commercial technologies. Companies who apply and are successfully chosen to participate in the program receive federal government contracts to advance their products in order to become ready to enter the marketplace.

$470K Federal Government Contract Awarded for Innovative Water Technology

Island Water Technologies Inc., based in Charlottetown, PE, is a wastewater technology company that specializes in modular, solar-powered treatment solutions. Serving the domestic and industrial industries, they provide robust, low-complexity self-powered waste water treatments.

Island Water Technologies has received $470k in BCIP funding for their technology to monitor the quality of wastewater in Canadian municipalities.

The company has developed bio-electrode sensors to monitor the quality of water in municipal wastewater facilities. Through signals from bacteria, the sensors provide facility operators with real-time visual interpretations of the biology and health of the wastewater. In addition, the bio-electrode sensors help prevent the wastewater from contaminating the environment once released from the facility. This product will let operators view the biology of the water right away, allowing problems to be solved without delay and solutions to be maintained. Real-time problem solving will prevent unnecessary environmental contamination.

The company already has 13 sensors installed throughout Canada, China, the Netherlands, and the United States. Research and development grants are supporting their plans to expand into 19 additional locations including Toronto, Barrie, and Parks Canada sites in Jasper and Alberta.

In addition to a contract from the Build in Canada Innovation Program, Island Water Technologies has also received $250,000 in research and development grants from the National Research Council and $500,000 in seed funding from Island Capital Partners and Natural Products Canada.

Build in Canada Innovation Program: Procurement Contracts for Canadian Innovators

The Build in Canada Innovation Program (BCIP) is a first-procurement program offered through the federal government. It offers Canadian innovators a government contract to supply their product, and allows for valuable feedback from the government department that tests/evaluates the product’s benefits over current products or processes.

BCIP contracts are provided to support technology projects with up to $1 million (military innovations), or up to $500,000 (standard innovations).

Military Component: Offers federal government contracts for technologies that protect soliders, training system technologies, in-service support technologies, command and support technologies, and arctic and maritime security technologies.

Standard Component: Provides Canadian government contracts for safety and security technologies, environmental technologies, health technologies, and enabling technologies.

To be eligible for BCIP, applicants must be able to demonstrate how their innovation could be used to improve function in the government or broader public sector. The program has a continuous call for proposals, therefore companies can connect with a government department and apply at any time.

Innovators can learn more about the Build in Canada Innovation Program, including successful contracts awarded, by registering for Mentor Works’ Funding Snapshot Newsletter.

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