Build in Canada Innovation Program (BCIP) Military Component

bigstock-Canada-S-Parliament-Buildings--2773047New details regarding the Build in Canada Innovation Program (BCIP) have emerged as Public Works Minister Diane Finley spoke in London, Ontario on November 7, 2013. As a part of the BCIP government procurement and acquisition program, the Canadian government has committed $240 billion over 20 years to procuring security and defense related technology and supplies.  This comes on the heels of a report published earlier this year, called “Canada First” which encouraged the Canadian government to spend money on technology developed and made in Canada vs. buying from abroad. The recommendation has and remains a point of controversy among politicians and the general public. Nonetheless, the Federal government has decided to go ahead with adding a military component to the acquisition program giving Canadian companies greater opportunity to sell their innovative pre-commercialized products and services to the government.

Call for Proposal for Build in Canada Innovation Program Near

This competitive, first sale program will now have a Military Component going forward that will benefit from the annual funding allocation to the program of $40 million. The BCIP is anticipated to announce a Call for Proposals this year with this new component as a key feature of the types of innovations the Canadian government is looking for.

Federal Government’s Focus Remains on Innovative Products and Services

In congruence with Canada’s former acquisition program CICP, the new program, BCIP is interested in innovations that are significant improvements above what is currently available. Because of this, small to large companies are eligible to apply for this program. The opportunity is substantial as it enables a company to obtain a first-sale of their product to the government. If the innovation is successful through its test phase, there is a high potential of the government purchasing further quantities or other sales occurring because of the initial purchase. For companies with innovations applicable to the Department of Defense, this is an exciting opportunity.

Who is Eligible to Take Part in Canada’s BCIP Acquisition Program?

To participate in this Canadian government funding program, companies need to have an innovation that the Department of Defense would be interested in – meaning that the innovation should improve the efficiency and/or effectiveness of the Department. When the BCIP Call for Proposals is announced, the types of projects and amount of funding will be clearly stated. Prior to that, companies can prepare for this opportunity by:

  • Determining if your company is eligible
  • Talking to contacts at the Department of Defense about your project
  • Developing a test plan
  • Creating a marketing strategy for the short and long term.

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