Start-up Funding: Youth Accelerator Fund Small Business Grants

Start-up funding small business grants offered through the new Youth Accelerator Fund offers financial support for youth under 30 to bring their innovative products to market.

Youth Accelerator Start-up Funding for Small Businesses Canada

The Youth Accelerator Fund is particularly interested in funding opportunities for youth who have participated in college or university based accelerator programs or who are currently enrolled in a Regional Innovation Center program. However, this is not a requirement if you meet the other qualifications. The Canadian business grants funding available from this program is a maximum of $250,000.

Startup Funding through the Youth Accelerator Fund -Purpose

The Youth Accelerator Fund is designed to mirror the existing Investment Accelerator Fund with the key differences being applicant age and the amount of funding available. Funding for both programs is managed through MaRS and applications are accepted on an on-going basis. Some of the key requirements of the program include:

  • Ownership of Intellectual Property (IP)
  • Incorporated or to be Incorporated Business
  • Located in Ontario
  • Work related to the business takes place in Ontario
  • IP has a distinctly competitive edge over currently available technology.
  • Demonstrate the capability, knowledge and skills to take the technology through the commercialization stage.

Small Business Grants for Youth Start-ups –Selection Process

The application process is intense and highly scrutinized by MaRS. MaRS is interested in funding projects with a high likelihood of commercial success. The proposal and information about your project must be superior to be accepted.

Learn More about Small Business Grants and Loans Opportunities for Start-ups

Are you interested in finding out whether you qualify for start-up funding, and if so where to find small business grants and loans programs to suit your business’ needs? Download a Free Government Funding Eligibility Checklist to get started.

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