Canada 150 Program: Canadian Government Grants for National Heritage Initiatives

Canada 150 Canadian government grants for small business

The 150th anniversary of Canada’s Confederation in 2017 will be a monumental event that allows all Canadians to connect to the nation’s past, celebrate who we are, and build a lasting legacy which leads into the future. As such, the Canadian government and the Department of Canadian Heritage (PCH) have created the Canada 150 Fund to support projects that help to define this legacy. The government grant funding initiative will aim to promote Canadian values, culture and history, and generate national pride while bringing citizens together to celebrate.

Canada 150 supports activities that satisfy three main objectives:

  1. Encourage participants to give back to Canada through gifts of time and energy, in ways that leave a legacy for the future;
  2. Provide Canadians with opportunities to actively participate and/or celebrate together, promoting and building a deeper understanding of Canada, its people and what it means to be Canadian; and
  3. Recognize and promote Canadian people, places, achievements and events that continue to shape our country.

Eligibility to Receive Canadian Government Grant Funding

Canadian businesses and organizations who wish to be considered for this funding grant must be classified as the following:

  • Canadian not-for-profit organizations, including corporations, trusts, cooperatives, and unincorporated associations; or
  • Canadian business corporations, including partnerships, trusts and joint ventures where projects are non-commercial in nature.

The above businesses and organizations must then provide appropriate projects to ensure that they receive funds. The projects undertaken must directly relate and contribute to the objectives of the Canada 150 fund, listed above. Specific examples of projects which would qualify for Canada 150 include:

  • Celebratory or commemorative activities and events;
  • Community building activities and events;
  • Sport and active-living activities and events;
  • Plaques, monuments and permanent installations;
  • Interpretive programming and tours;
  • Large-scale art projects, including artwork, films, or theatrical/musical performances;
  • New Canada 150 fairs and festivals; and
  • Canada 150 programming added to established fairs and festivals.

Eligible projects may not have all associated costs funded by the Canada 150 program. Only costs which are necessary to complete the implementation of the project will be considered to receive funds. Some of the eligible expenses as noted by the Department of Canadian Heritage include:

  • Materials and supplies;
  • Promotional products and publicity expenses;
  • The rental of equipment;
  • Salaries, benefits, or professional fees specifically related to the completion of the project;
  • Administrative costs; and
  • Travel Costs.

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Canadian Government Grants and Loans for Small Business


  1. We are a non fo profit (small museum historic Site) How do I apply for a small grant in order for us to present/receive a travel exibition?

    1. Hello Luc,

      If you are interested in exploring the funding landscape for your organization, I would suggest filling out a contact form on our website here. We can have a team member reach out to provide you more information.

      Kind regards,

  2. Hi Jeff, I am a Guelph Alumni living in St Paul’s River QC and helping out the local Whitely Museum. 2021 will be the 150 anniversary of the invention of the cod trap which took place here in St.Paul’s. We have a museum honouring the invention and hopefully next year tourists will be free to come to experience the Lower North Shore beauty and to learn how the important contribution the cod trap made to Canadian history. Please let me know if there is a special fund for special 150 year milestones.
    Thank you!

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