Canada Job Grant: Saskatchewan’s First Business Funding Recipient Announced

Manufacturing-GearsDynaIndustrial has become the premier recipient of Saskatchewan’s Canada Job Grant. The Canada Job Grant will invest $22,000 into the company, who manufactures heavy industrial custom fabrications. With the government funding grant, DynaIndustrial’s 22 employees will receive skill training and career development education. They anticipate that these implementations will result in eight promotions over the next three years. The Canada Job Grant requires that any employers collaborate in training investments, resulting in future employment guarantees from skills training.

The Canada job grant is designed to aid Canadian employers and employees build valuable knowledge and skillsets that enable them to transition into available positions through promotions and other career advancements. Developed in 2014, the Canada Job Grant is a six year initiative dedicated to helping businesses’ invest in their workforce. The grant is designed in such a way so as to cater to the masses. All regions and industries are eligible for the Canada Job Grant, and corporations of all sizes are able to have their needs accommodated.

Occupational Training: Advantages with the Canada-Alberta Job Grant

The Canada Job Grant offers up to $10,000 per employee each year in post-secondary tuition, books, and required equipment, covering two-thirds of the training costs for approved applicants. Canadian government funding is available via Canada Job Grants for new hires and existing employees. Most provinces in Canada have their own variation of the Canada Job Grant initiative. The grant money can be used for any of the following training examples:

  • College/University courses;
  • 3rd Party training; and
  • Product Vendor Training.

Third Party Advantages: Grants and Incentives with Canada Job Grant

The Canada Job Grant benefits employers, employees, and trainers. Carol Rosdobutko, the CEO of Sandler Training Calgary, has spent years observing her clients be hesitant to invest money into training their employees. In the last year, however, since the Canada Job Grant has been introduced, Carol has experienced an influx of interest about employee training initiatives. Carol’s clients have begun to apply for the Canada Job Grant to pay for her training fees.

“What I am seeing with companies I’ve talked to over the years is they are now saying, ‘This is an opportunity for us (Calgary Herald).’”

Carol’s training company is an example of the Canada Job Grant being used accordingly on third party training initiatives. By utilizing external parties for training purposes, the employer, employee, and trainer each benefit from the grant symbiotically.

Learn More About how your Business Can Benefit from Canadian Government Grants

If you are a Canadian trainer and interested in learning more about how you can leverage the Canada Job Grant, contact one of the Mentor Works government funding experts to learn more about using the program to provide your clients with a subsidy fee for their services. For more information about Canadian government grants and loans, subscribe to our weekly funding E-Newsletter.

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