Call for Proposals: SD Tech Fund CleanTech Government Grants

Clean-TechnologyThe Sustainable Development Technology Canada (SDTC)’s SD Tech is offering Canadian government funding to innovators in the field of clean technologies. Eligible applicants are encouraged to apply from February 18 through April 15, 2015.

The SDTC Fund is Canadian government funding for small businesses developing technology that will yield positive environmental changes. The funding bridges research and development of technological initiatives with product commercialization by enabling businesses to finance their clean technology projects. This program will support up to 33% of eligible costs, including labour, subcontractors, capital, materials, and feasibility studies.

Supported Projects Eligible for this Canadian business Grant

This business funding initiative financially supports projects and innovations that deal with clean air, soil, water, and our changing climate. The SD Tech Fund can support projects in the following areas of environmental priority:

  • Responsible resource development;
  • Resource and energy efficiency;
  • Clean Energy;
  • Northren and remote communities;
  • Next generation transportation; and
  • Agriculture

Clean Technology Projects Made Possible through Canadian Government Funding

In an effort to assist with the growth of clean technologies in South Western Ontario, Minister Diane Finley has announced a $1.8M investment provided by The two recipients of the business funding have developed technologies that will have positive environmental implications across Canada. With the government business grants, the companies are now able to advance their technological development and work towards marketplace introduction.

These Canadian business grants been awarded to two new and original projects in the transportation sector, dedicated to improving and maintaining the quality of the environment through technological innovations. The $1.8M is being allocated between Miovision Technologies Inc., and CrossChasm Technologies Inc.

Miovision Technologies Inc. – Efficient Traffic Routing

Business Sector: Transportation

Clean Environmental Benefits: Improved changes in climate, and cleaner air quality by reducing the amount of time spent idling in cars

SDTC funding: $1.4M

Total Project Value: $5.1M

To reduce traffic idling times and greenhouse emissions from vehicles, Miovision has developed an adaptive traffic signal control system. Through a variety of technological modalities, including 360-degree cameras, wireless connections, and cloud based computing; technology rapidly analyzes traffic, and then commands the traffic lights to change. This technology will enhance traffic flow by minimizing travel times, idle times, and fuel consumption by over 20%.

Afilliated Companies:

  • Miovision Technologies Inc.;
  • Region of Waterloo; and
  • Region of Wood Buffalo.

CrossChasm Technologies Inc.- FleetCarma Smart-Charging

Business Sector: Transportation

Clean Environmental Benefits: Improved changes in climate, and cleaner air quality

SDTC funding: $430K

Total Project Value: $1.3M

As electric vehicles continue to grow in popularity, the charging requirements of the cars are a continued pressure on electrical generation and distribution during daily high-demand power periods. The implementation of a smart-charging program would eliminate this stressor.  Smart-charging is the concept of using real-time grid conditions to maximize the effectiveness of power vehicle charging. The smart-charging system decides when to utilize renewable energy in lieu of conventional grid tactics. The technology cross references the car’s battery level against its owner’s charge-up preferences, and subsequently builds an ideal charging schedule to the vehicle owner and for the grid operator to accommodate charging demands.

All plug-in electric vehicles are already integrated with a unique data logging system for tracking recharging needs and fleet usage, specific to the car’s manufacturing company. To circumvent this, CrossCham has developed their FleetCarma C5 logger, which can decipher signals from almost 40 separate PEV models.

Once implemented, this revolutionary project enables grid providers to predict and accommodate the energy needs of PEV owners.

Afilliated Companies:

  • CrossChasm Technologies;
  • Burlington Hydro Inc.;
  • NB Power, Powertech Labs Inc.; &
  • Siemens Canada Ltd

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