$356k in Agriculture Grants Awarded to Canadian Agri-Food Sector

The government of Canada has presented Soy Canada and Grain Farmers of Ontario (GFO) Canadian government grants. This funding investment supports Canada’s grains and oilseeds sector as a global supplier of agri-food products that creates jobs, economic wealth, and exporting opportunities for Canada.

$355,710 in funding for agriculture products has been awarded through the AgriRisk Initiatives (ARI) government funding program.

AgriRisk Initiatives was a stream of funding provided under the Growing Forward 2 (GF2) Business Risk Management program, which supported projects with the research, development, implementation, and administration of new risk management tools for agri-food industries. Although GF2 has been succeeded by the Canadian Agricultural Partnership (CAP), some businesses awarded with GF2 funding, such as those mentioned in this article, are still being publicly announced.

Canadian Agriculture Industry Receives $356k in Funding for Agriculture Projects

Two of Canada’s agri-food associations have been awarded Canadian government grants from the AgriRisk program under the Growing Forward 2 initiative. As of April 1, 2018, Growing Forward 2 was succeeded by the Canadian Agricultural Partnership (CAP). The Canadian Agricultural Partnership is similar to GF2, with many streams of funding available to support new growth opportunities and business competitiveness for agri-food industries.

Soy Canada and Grain Farmers of Ontario are the recipients of a combined total of $355,710 in agriculture grants for projects to protect Canadian soy and grain farmers.

Soy Canada is a national association representing groups involved in the production, handling, processing, development, and transport of Canadian soybeans. The organization is committed to encouraging collaboration, communication, and knowledge throughout the Canadian soybean industry.

Soy Canada has received an investment of $197,400 in funding for agriculture projects.

The association will be using the funding to expand its knowledge and understanding of the country’s soybean growers to initiate processes and procedures that will address risks facing the agri-food sector. As well, they will be expanding market access, striving for a better balance in Canada’s protein production, and promoting increased protein content through research and grower awareness.

Grain Farmers of Ontario (GFO) is the Ontario’s largest commodity organization, representing the over 28,000 oat, corn, soybean, barley, and wheat farmers in Ontario. The crops grown by these farmers are responsible for over 40,000 jobs within the province.

$158,310 in agriculture grants have been awarded to the Grain Farmers of Ontario.

Canadian farmers dealing with extreme weather, climate change, and crop diseases are at increased risk for declining revenues. Grain Farmers of Ontario will be using the funding to assist with research and marketing development to conduct a study concerning revenue declines not covered under the current suite of business risk management programs.

Canadian Agricultural Partnership: Funding for Agriculture Projects

The Canadian Agricultural Partnership (CAP) is a set of programs offered through Canada’s federal, provincial, and territorial governments to support Canada’s agri-food and agri-products industry.

CAP supports a wide range of eligible projects. Examples include:

  • Participating in international trade shows;
  • Adopting innovative agri-based processes, products, and services;
  • Research and development activities benefiting the agri-food sector;
  • Implementing third-party assurance certifications; and
  • Modification and manufacturing processes of agricultural products.

Provincial programs provided through the Canadian Agricultural Partnership have a deadline of August 28, 2018, and federal programs are accepting a continuous intake of applications until March 31, 2023 or until funding is depleted.

To receive a guided overview of funding for agriculture projects supported through the Canadian Agricultural Partnership, please register for an upcoming Agriculture and Agri-Food webinar.

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