109 Canadian Communities Receive $4.5M in Cleantech Innovation Grants

Federation of Canadian Municipalities Climate Change Programs Award Canadian Municipalities

To expand the implementation of environmentally friendly solutions, communities across Canada have recently received government support for green innovation, climate change resiliency, and infrastructure planning initiatives. These cleantech solutions are ensuring healthy and safe communities, creating jobs, and helping Canada meet its climate change goals.

109 community projects across Canada have received a combined total of $4,590,099 in Canadian government funding.

Three federal government funding programs from the Federation of Canadian Municipalities are providing the support for these 109 initiatives; these are the Municipal Asset Management Program (MAMP), Green Municipal Fund (GMF), and Municipalities for Climate Innovation Program (MCIP). Wastewater treatments, organic waste collection systems, and climate change adaptation plans are all examples of projects being supported.

$4.5M in Funding Awarded for Green Municipal Infrastructure

The Municipal Asset Management Program (MAMP), Green Municipal Fund (GMF), and Municipalities for Climate Innovation Program (MCIP) support innovative green infrastructure to help communities across Canada take action on climate change and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

These three programs have awarded a total of $4.5M in clean energy grants, supporting over 109 projects across the country.

Three of these supported initiatives include:

Municipal Asset Management Program – County of Kneehill, Alberta

($50,000) Cleantech innovation grants are helping the County of Kneehill reinforce its asset management program. They will develop new lifecycle strategies and assessment protocols that will help decision-makers perform more accurate forecasting and long-term financing reporting. This capability will help the County strengthen future infrastructure investment decisions.

Green Municipal Fund – City of Moncton, New Brunswick

($262,900) As part of a pilot project to test a low-carbon district energy system at its municipal operations centre, the City of Moncton will be replacing an oil-fired boiler with a biomass boiler. Over 18 months, operating costs and greenhouse gas emissions reductions will be tracked. The project is expected to lower the city’s carbon footprint and increase local energy resilience.

Municipalities for Climate Innovation Program – Varennes, Quebec

($77,680) The municipality of Varennes is using Canadian government funding to develop a climate adaptation plan. They will adopt a streamlined environmental strategy designed to mitigate stormwater management and reduce ambient heat. The plan will also seek to maximize industry, business, and public involvement in the approaches taken.

Canadian Government Funding: Federation of Canadian Municipalities

The Municipal Asset Management Program, Green Municipal Fund, and Municipalities for Climate Innovation Program are three programs offered through the Federation of Canadian Municipalities to provide communities with support for infrastructure investment decisions, sustainability initiatives, and climate change adaptation.

Municipal Asset Management Program (MAMP)

The Municipal Asset Management Program is designed to help Canadian municipalities make informed infrastructure investment decisions based on comprehensive asset management practices.

The Municipal Asset Management Program provides funding for up to 80% of total eligible project costs, to a maximum of $50,000.

The application deadline for Quebec municipalities is April 1, 2019. The call for applications is now closed to all municipalities outside of Quebec.

Green Municipal Fund (GMF)

The Green Municipal Fund is a Canadian government funding program that provides financial support to municipalities demonstrating an innovative solution or approach to improve air, water, and soil quality.

The Green Municipal Fund offsets up to 50-80% of eligible project costs incurred by Canadian municipalities completing environmental projects.

The initial review form deadline for waste, energy, water, and transportation capital projects is March 1, 2019, and the application (by invitation) is to be submitted by May 1, 2019.

Municipalities for Climate Innovation Program (MCIP)

The Municipalities for Climate Innovation Program provides training, resources, and funding for projects supporting reduced greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) and climate change initiatives.

The Municipalities for Climate Innovation Program provides up to 80% of project costs in funding for climate change projects.

The call for applications is currently closed.

Canadian municipalities interested in learning about future application call dates for MAMP, GMF, and MCIP, please sign up for Mentor Works’ Weekly Funding Newsletter.

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