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Excited business teamGovernment funded programs that offer free English as a second language (ESL) training and small business grants for hiring immigrants are a topic often overlooked by employers looking to hire international employees into Canadian businesses.  The benefits of these grants is obvious, whether your business is particularly seeking to hire a recent immigrant or not, if Canadian government funding in the form of government grants for small business are offered to support the cost of your new hire its worth taking advantage of.   Additionally, government funding for training in the form of free-of-charge ESL classes presents itself as another critical support resource to bolster a company’s internal talent through international hiring activities. As I have lived abroad myself, and having had the opportunity to take the time to study the training of foreign staff while writing a book on the subject; I can give at least a few reasons why you ought to pass along the ESL learning information contained within this article to employees, colleagues, and friends that you know who have recently immigrated to Canada.

Why Share These Canadian Government Funding for ESL Resources

1.)   As a gesture it will show you appreciate that adjusting to a new country and culture is not easy.

2.)   If the person you share with is experiencing difficulty communicating it will help eliminate miscommunication within their team and their workplace.

3.)   Although they may not require English language training themselves, there is a good chance that someone in their family does.

4.)   ESL classes also often serve as a support and resource group for immigrants that are adjusting to a new culture and place of residence.  And P.S.: family members having trouble acclimating to a new living environment can cause a great deal of discomfort and distraction to immigrant employees.

Top Canadian Government Funding Resources for ESL Training

So if you feel the above argument is reasonable if not compelling, please pass along this information to any employee, colleague, or friend that has immigrated to Canada within the last couple years.

Option 1: Language Instruction for Newcomers (LINC)

Government funding Canada via Citizen and Immigration Canada in cooperation with provincial governments, school boards, community colleges and immigrant-serving organizations, LINC offers free language training across the country to adult permanent residents. In most provinces, LINC offers newcomers to Canada the opportunity to learn English language skills. In addition, LINC offers language assessment to ensure newcomers participate in the program that best suits their needs.  Visit Service Canada for more information.

Option 2: LINC Home Study Program

Through Canadian government funding provided by Citizenship and Immigration Canada, the LINC Home Study Program enables new immigrants to study, learn and improve their language skills from home. The program includes weekly contact with a certified ESL Teacher.

For more information: Visit the Centre for Education and Training

Option 3: The Specialized Language Training Pilot Projects

Supported by Ontario government funding, new immigrants can learn or improve their English skills through programs run by Ontario School Boards. These programs are designed to help immigrants learn English that is applicable to their jobs/careers.

For more information:  Visit The Ontario Immigration Website

Other Helpful links for ESL Training Resources:

Canadian Government Funding Experts

Look to Mentor Works Ltd. for selection and support services to make taking advantage of Canadian government funding opportunities a positive and enlightening experience.  Please follow us on LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+ or Facebook.  You can also sign up for our Canadian government funding weekly E-newsletter, or by visiting us at our next Free Canadian government funding workshop.

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  1. Ryan,

    I have a company based in Montreal called ******* that is about to come out with its first app for ***. So far, our experience with funding agencies like the Canada Media Fund has left us puzzled.

    I’d like to start a conversation to see if you might be able to help us. Where are you based.



  2. Hi Ryan.

    I am an ESL teacher and have heard that there are federal funding opportunities for individual teachers and/or churches to offer English classes to newcomers.

    Have you any knowledge of this, or advice about any federal government (or other) contacts that I could approach about this?

    1. Hello Rik,

      Thank you for reaching out to us with this question. As it turns out Mentor Works specializes in working with established companies secure funding to grow their business in multiple ways, ranging from hiring, to export development, to research, and much more. If this initiative was being pursued by a larger group, for example, a municipality or school board there are some programs that we can explore together. To this end I would suggest filling out a contact form on our website here and we can have a team member connect with you.

      If your projects are more for individual teachers and churches, this is something that will be most likely supported by more localized funding (not federal or provincial programs) and is something a little outside of our wheelhouse.

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