Canadian Government Funding for International Students – MITACS Globalink

As a part of their commitment to developing the next generation of innovators, the Mitacs Organization has decided to re-open the Mitacs Globalink Program for the summer of 2012. The Globalink program provides Canadian Government funding to attract the world’s top undergraduate students to  a three month collaborative research project involving a Canadian University. The program looks to build long lasting relationships with the world’s most creative and enthusiastic young individuals while supporting industry innovation.

Ontario Government Funding Details

Students partaking in the Globalink program will receive a chance to undertake a world class research and development project at one of Canada’s leading universities. Each student will undertake a 3 month research project with one of Canada’s top research teams. In exchange for their services, each student will receive a stipend that will cover all of their travel, health care, living, and housing costs. The program also provides government funding for professional training as well as industry networking experiences. In order to be considered eligible, students must be currently pursuing an undergraduate degree from a recognized university within India, China, Brazil, or Mexico.

Collaborative Research and Development Funding for Small Business

The Canadian Government also provides government grants for small business to become involved with collaborative research and development projects. These types of projects can result in significant innovations that could benefit the research institutions as well as the industry partners.  A selection of the more popular Ontario business grants for R&D includes:

  • NSERC Engage : Through this program, universities can receive up to $25K in non-repayable business funding grants for a 6 month industrial research and development project that would look to resolve a technical issue that is currently experienced by the partnering Canadian SME.
  • MITACS Accelerate Program : This program provides up to $10,500 or 50% of the project costs for a 4 month research project involving the development of an innovative solution to a technological, mechanical, or electrical challenge.
  • Colleges Ontario Network for Industry Innovation (CONII) : Research institutions can receive up to $25K in Ontario Business Grants for a 12 month collaborative R&D project that is related to a particular challenge faced by Canadian Industry. Project funding could be applied to a variety of post and pre-commercialization activities including proof of principle, prototyping, marketing, etc.

Applying for Small Business Funding Grants

To receive additional information or support towards any of the programs mentioned in today’s article, please contact a one of our Funding for Small Business Experts or sign up for a Free 60 Minute Canadian Government Funding Workshop. Businesses can access to our up-to-date database of Ontario Business Funding Grants or sign up for our Weekly E-Newsletter to receive regular up-dates on the latest Canadian business funding news.

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