Government Funding for Training and Hiring International ICT Professionals

The Canadian Government recognizes the strong role that Information and Communication Technologies will play in Canada’s future job market. As a result, these institutions have provided Canadian Government funding to support the Information and Communications Technology Council (ICTC) in the development of ICT training and work experience programs for internationally educated professionals (IEPs).

Integrated Work Experience Strategy (IWES)

The Integrated Work Experience Strategy (IWES) is a new pilot bridging program offered by ICTC for Internationally Educated Professionals (IEPs). The program involves a 4-week training program where participants will learn valuable skills and tools to exceed in Ontario’s ICT sector. By the end of the 4-week training course, participants will receive the option of participating in a Guided Workplace Practicum, where qualified candidates will take part in a 12-week work placement in the IT department of a participating Canadian SME.

IWES also acts as a prequalification and training mechanism for businesses looking to recruit and hire highly skilled and ICT professionals.

Coaching to Career

This program is another initiative for preparing and connecting Internationally Educated Professionals (IEPs) with Canadian SMEs in search of ICT talent. The program matches participants with senior industry executives to develop individual coaching relationships that would accelerate the candidate’s successful integration into a Canadian ICT workplace.  Participants will receive 6-months in personalized coaching and workplace preparation and an additional 3 months of training and extended support from ICTC for their first 3 months of employment.

Participating businesses in search of ICT talent can see this as an opportunity to receive recruitment and training support services for hiring new internationally educated professionals.

Deadline for Program Applications

IEPs interested in either program must submit a program application before January 21, 2013 if they wish to participate in upcoming round of classes. Businesses interested hiring or participating through these programs are encouraged to get into contact with an ICTC Representative as soon as possible.

Alternative Grant Funding for Small Business Hires

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