Federal Government Invests in New Cancer Research Network

On December 15, 2014, Industry Canada announced that the Federal Government of Canada will invest $25 million over five years in a new Ottawa Hospital-based network which will focus on improving the quality of life of Canadians.

$25 Million investment will develop innovative treatments to fight cancer

Member of Parliament for Ottawa-Orleans, Royal Galipeau announced that BioCanRX, one of four networks of Centres of Excellence, is receiving $25 million over five years to help develop novel therapies for fighting cancer. According to a report from the Ottawa Citizen, the goal of the partnership which includes BioCanRX, the Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation, the Ottawa Hospital Foundation, the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario Research Institute, and others will be to bring together researchers working on three key areas of biotherapeutics. Researchers, scientists and businesses involved in the work will make sure that resulting cancer treatments will be available to patients as quickly and safely as possible, while also remaining affordable.

Scientific Director of BioCanRX Optimistic about Future of Cancer Research in Canada

According to Industry Canada’s press release, Dr. John Bell, Scientific Director of BIoCanRX is optimistic about new cancer therapies being developed in Canada as well as the future of Cancer research itself.

Biologically based cancer therapies hold the potential to be both curative and less toxic than many of our current treatment strategies. That in itself is very exciting. But what is really unique about this funding is it allows Canadian scientists to work together to develop several therapeutic strategies in parallel and then to test these both alone and in combination with each other with the goal of finding the most effective way to help our bodies’ own defences fight cancer. In this case, the whole really is greater than the sum of its parts.
Dr. John Bell, Scientist at the Ottawa Hospital Research Institute

Small and Medium-sized Businesses can Benefit from Post-Secondary Research and Development Capacity

The vast majority of Canada’s fastest growing companies will partake in research and development activities in order to successfully develop their products and ensure their competitiveness in expanding into new markets. However, R&D projects often require a great deal of equipment and expertise in order to yield promising results. In some cases, Canadian SMEs do not have access to the equipment or expertise required for the projects they undertake which is why the Canadian Government has released several small business grants and loans for research collaboration with post-secondary institutions.

Learn about Funding for Research and Development through Mentor Works

Learn more about available funding for research and development by browsing programs featured on Mentor Works’ website, or by attending a free Canadian government funding webinar or workshop.

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