Western Diversification Program (WDP): Not-for-Profit Funding 2015 Deadline

Western Diversification Program Business FundingWestern Economic Diversification Canada (WD) has announced the launch of their Western Diversification Program (WDP) Call for Proposals (CFP). The WDP is a business funding initiative dedicated to helping not-for-profit organizations seek and develop future project proposals in Western Canada. The WDP’s primary goal is to develop and support Western Canada’s economy through tactical investment initiatives; interested parties can apply for this program by February 19, 2015.

Western Diversification Program: Grant Funding Eligibility Considerations

Eligible candidates will further the objectives of WD by aiding in the development of Western Canada’s economy in their initiatives. Examples eligible for grants and incentives include but are not limited to:

  • Advancing the Canadian job force by creating employment opportunities, entrepreneurial support, and research and development funding opportunities.
  • Working in tandem with Aboriginal persons and groups to promote business and economic advancement, skill training, and other employment opportunities.
  • Ensuring the success of Western Canada’s small and medium-sized enterprises (CME) industry sectors by helping with the maintenance and development of new technologies and materials.
  • Targeting CME progression by building their presence in the existing and emerging marketplace.
  • Advertise skills training across Western Canada.

To learn more about the Western Economic Diversification Program (WDP) and explore further eligibility criteria, a complete overview is available.

Program Details: Canadian Government Funding in Western Canada

This not-for-profit Canadian government funding is presently accepting applications from eligible parties. Qualified candidates are encouraged to submit an application before the deadline.

Amount: Discretionary non-repayable contributions towards innovation, skills development & training, building capacity for defence procurement, and trade & investment.
Timeline: Applications for funding will be accepted until February 19, 2015.
Eligibility: This grant is targeted to not-for-profit organizations in Western Canada.

Learn more about the Western Diversification Call for Proposals.
Western Diversification Program Canadian Government Funding

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