CanExport Funding: $45k for Clearcable to Expand Business Internationally

CanExport Awards Clearcable in International Expansion Grants

Clearcable Networks, based in Hamilton, Ontario, is a specialized telecommunications technical consulting firm. They focus on the needs of service providers by maintaining existing infrastructure, developing new business revenue streams, and driving new advancements in the global telecommunications sector. Clearcable has already expanded their business into the United States, and has recently received government funding to expand even further internationally.

Clearcable has received $45,000 in funding for international expansion from the CanExport program to pursue the Netherlands as a new market.

The CanExport Canadian government funding program supports export marketing development projects. By accessing Canadian government grants for these types of activities, businesses can reduce the risks associated with expanding international reach, ultimately helping to accelerate international growth.

$45k in CanExport Funding for International Expansion

Although founded and operating primarily in Canada, Clearcable has expanded their business to the United States, where they dedicate their services to helping small municipalities expand their broadband and implement new technology. After gaining a following by word of mouth, the company currently has approximately 15 U.S. clients.

Clearcable’s burgeoning U.S. expansion inspired the company to expand outside North America. They chose the Netherlands as a target market, as the country is demographically similar to Canada. As well, with 90% of the population in the Netherlands able to speak English, there is limited language barrier. Establishing sales in the Netherlands will also provide a gateway for Clearcable to enter many other European markets.

Clearcable applied for CanExport funding to help explore the Dutch market. They were approved and received $45,000 in Canadian government grants.

The export marketing development grants allowed Clearcable to visit the Netherlands, where they were able to evaluate the market, visit local businesses, and share insight with other businesses looking to expand their market reach. The company is now fully set up in the Netherlands and is continuing to pursue opportunities to improve broadband in rural areas throughout the country.

CanExport Funding: Expanding into International Markets

The CanExport program is a popular Canadian government funding program that supports businesses as they explore/expand new and under-developed international markets. The export marketing development grant is specifically designed to help firms participate in trade shows and/or trade missions where company representatives travel to an export market and meet with potential customers.

Through the CanExport program, companies may access up to 25-50% to a maximum $50,000 per project.

Examples of eligible projects include trade show registration and participation fees, marketing material translation fees, travel expenses from Canada to a selected foreign country, and ground transportation from airport to destination.

CanExport application forms can be accessed online and should be submitted at least eight weeks prior to incurring project expenses.

Canadian companies looking to discover how to support exporting initiatives with government funding, please download the Accessing Grants for Export Activities slide deck.

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