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UPDATE: This program was previously called Going Global Innovation (GGI). The content has been updated to reflect the new CanExport Innovation (CXI) name.

CanExport Innovation (CXI) is a Canadian government funding program that stimulates international technology commercialization partnerships. Through the program, Canadian businesses and academic institutions may offset a portion of costs related to traveling and meeting with potential research partners. By reducing the costs of forming partnerships, Canadian entities can collaborate with foreign firms more easily and bring innovative technologies to market.

CXI international research grants provide government funding to support up to 75% of project expenses to a maximum $75,000.

This article further explores frequently asked questions about CanExport Innovation, including general program information, eligibility criteria, and how to apply.

About the CanExport Innovation Funding Program

What is the CanExport Innovation government funding program?

CanExport Innovation assists Canadian companies and academic institutions to develop and commercialize innovative technologies. The program provides significant support for innovators, offsetting up to 75% of the costs required for traveling to meet with potential international partners.

Committing to a technology development partnership requires considerable communication and planning from each entity involved. This is the main reason why international research partnerships are difficult to secure; meeting with potential partners can take considerable resources and does not always result in a project agreement.

By offsetting a significant portion of travel and meeting expenses, CanExport Innovation improves the ability of innovators to meet with foreign entities so that a partnership can be established for research and development projects.

What type of Canadian government funding does CanExport Innovation offer?

CanExport Innovation (CXI) offers non-repayable grant funding provided through the federal government.

How much grant funding is available?

Canadian government funding supports up to 75% of eligible project expenses to a maximum $75,000. Only one project can be included in each application.

Who administers the CanExport Innovation program?

CanExport Innovation is a small business funding program administered by the Canadian Trade Commissioner Service, a part of the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade (DFAIT).

How to Qualify for CanExport Innovation Technology Grants

Who is eligible for this funding for small business program?

Entities eligible for CanExport Innovation funding include incorporated Canadian businesses, post-secondary institutions and non-government research/innovation centres developing pre-commercial technologies and have the capacity to perform an international collaborative project.

What types of projects are eligible for Canadian government grants?

Eligible research projects must have a science and technology focus and the potential to be improved through a research partnership.

Do I need to own the technology’s intellectual property (IP) rights?

Yes; companies applying for funding must be able to commercialize the innovation post-project, and therefore must own the technology’s IP.

What expenses are eligible for coverage by Canadian small business grants?

CXI funding is provided exclusively for the development of a partnership agreement and is not meant to support research and development activities. Applicants must also sign a Contribution Agreement for the program in advance of incurring expenses to ensure they’re eligible for support.

Once approved, eligible expenses may include:

  • Travel and related costs;
  • Meeting expenses; and
  • Pursuit of additional investment for R&D emerging from a previous CXI supported activity.

Apply for CanExport Innovation International Research Grants

When should I apply for CanExport Innovation?

The Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade (DFAIT) suggests applying to the CanExport Innovation program at least 8-10 weeks prior to the first scheduled visit with a potential international R&D partner. This allows applications to be reviewed and approved prior to the trip. This will help ensure project expenses incurred are eligible for funding.

What information is required in CXI applications?

Application packages require significant detail about the applicant, including their organization, proposed partner, and the technology/project being undertaken.

Some details that need to be included in applications are project timelines, amount of funding sought, industries targeted, and how your proposal meets CXI objectives. Applicants must also describe who their international partner is and what will they will contribute to the partnership to enhance the technology.

What do I need to prove the potential partnership exists?

CXI funding applications require either a letter or email from the prospective foreign partner stating that they maintain interest in pursuing a partnership with the applicant.

How do I know if my project is going to be approved?

When your project is approved, you will receive an email from CanExport Innovation announcing this and requesting agreement on a contribution agreement between your company and DFAIT.

Do I need to do anything after I get approval?

At the end of your project, you will be asked to submit a final report and budget detailing your expenses. After these have been reviewed, your payment will be issued.

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