CDMN Soft Landing Program for Small Business Export Expansion

CDMN Soft-Landing Program: Export Expansion Funding

Today, businesses that create new products and services are encouraged to think outside of their domestic market and determine ways to operate globally. If not, another business with a similar product offering or idea will be looking to capture your company’s market. Tapping into international markets can pose as a challenge for startups and small businesses, therefore the Government of Canada has introduced funding programs, such as CDMN Soft Landing Program, to support export expansion projects.

The Canadian Digital Media Network (CDMN)’s Soft Landing Program helps startups and small and mid-sized businesses to enter new markets, establish international partnerships, and increase global sales. The program provides up to $4,000 in small business funding to reimburse eligible project expenses. Funding contributions can be used to offset travel and accommodation costs within a new foreign market.

Mature startups and small business that are looking to access global markets are encouraged to determine their eligibility for the CDMN Soft Landing Program.

CDMN Soft Landing Program for Small Business Growth and Development

The CDMN Soft Landing Program provides Canadian small business grants to support technology startups and small businesses looking to secure global investments and expand their customer-base. Eligible businesses can access resources to enter new export markets, establish international partnerships, and increase sales revenues.

The program will provide eligible businesses with up to $4,000 in small business grants to offset travel and accommodation costs in a new foreign market for up to 3 months.

CDMN Soft Landing Program Business Eligibility Requirements

Interested businesses should determine whether they are eligible to apply to the CDMN Soft Landing Program. To receive Canadian export grants, eligible applicants must:

  • Be a technology-focused startup or small business;
  • Be a Canadian-based company;
  • Possess existing revenues and demonstrate the ability to sell products/services;
  • Have a market-ready product or service;
  • Demonstrate the ability to spur job growth, expand into new markets, and/or secure investments; and
  • Identify what project activities are taking place in the export market and their expected outcomes.

Types of Projects Eligible for CDMN Soft Landing Program Grants

The CDMN Soft Landing Program supports small business export expansion projects that:

  • Allow the company to grow its existing customer base;
  • Develop new distribution channels;
  • Allow the company to establish a satellite office; and/or
  • Establish new international partnerships that provide an opportunity for foreign investment.

What Expenses will the Soft Landing Program Cover?

The CDMN Soft Landing Program will provide Canadian small business funding to offset the following project expenses:

  • Airfare to the export market;
  • Hotel booking fees; and
  • Ground transportation while travelling abroad.

Please Note: The Soft Landing Program will not cover entertainment, meals, trade shows, and/or international marketing costs that occur within the foreign country.

How to Apply for CDMN Soft Landing Export Market Development Grants

To get started, eligible businesses must express their interest in the Soft Landing Program with a CDMN Hub partner. After consulting with CDMN mentor, businesses will be invited to submit an application.

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