CHAR Technologies Receives $750k in SD Natural Gas Grant Funding Win

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In the first-ever investment of the SD Natural Gas Fund, Cambridge, Ontario-based CHAR Technologies Inc. will receive $750,000 in Canadian government grant funding. As part of SDTC, (Sustainable Development Technology Canada) the SD Natural Gas Fund supports the development and demonstration of new downstream natural gas technology. CHAR Technologies Inc. will use the Canadian government funding grant to support their ongoing $2.4M project which develops a new approach to scrubbing biogas emissions.

CHAR Technologies Commercializes a Hydrogen Sulfide Recovery System

Aiming to solve a $1.2B global problem, CHAR Technologies has created a process which removes toxic and corrosive hydrogen sulfide from biogas, thereby cleaning it so it can be used as natural gas energy. Hydrogen sulfide, a product generated in anaerobic digesters and landfills, may be contained and used as energy as long as it’s first cleaned properly. Current cleaning methods are costly and environmentally-damaging, which minimizes the benefits that this energy brings.

CHAR Technologies’ approach to the cleaning of biogas provides a direct contrast to old methods. Their process, SulfaCHAR, captures the hydrogen sulfide in methane (one of the gasses under the broad biogas classification) and converts it into sulphur, a useful fertilizer. This zero-waste and cost effective way of cleaning biogas will have significant benefit to the environment. Not only will CHAR Technologies be able to sell clean and useable natural gas, but it will also be able to capitalize on the fertilizer by-product of the cleaning process, making their innovative system highly profitable.

SDTC Government Funding for Clean Tech Innovation Projects

The SD Tech Fund is one of many Canadian government funding programs offered by SDTC in addition to the new SD Natural Gas Fund. The Tech Fund stream subsidizes expenses related to late stage development and early stage commercialization of clean technologies. Up to 33% of project costs will be contributed by SDTC to decrease the amount of time it takes to bring the new technology to market.

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