$1.8M CleanTech Project Reduces Transportation-Based Carbon Emissions

CleanTech Grant Supports New Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Canada’s transportation sector has a significant impact on climate change. In fact, reports suggest that transportation currently accounts for 1/4 of all Canadian greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Because of this, the Government of Canada has accelerated the development of electric vehicle (EV) charging station network, spanning from coast-to-coast. The network will support increased range for EVs and encourage their increased adoption.

To increase the size of this EV charging network, the Government of Canada and AddÉnergie Technologies have invested a combined $1.8 million to install 25 new chargers. All chargers will be installed at Canadian Tire Gas+ stations located along major highways, such as the 401, and will have the ability to recharge up to 80% of EV battery levels within 30 minutes.

Approximately $837,500 in Canadian government funding will be awarded to AddÉnergie through the Electric Vehicle and Alternative Fuel Infrastructure Deployment Initiative. It’s expected the funding will help promote further use of low carbon transportation, create high-quality jobs, and support a cross-country network of alternative fuelling stations.

$1.8M Investment to Support Next-Generation Electric Vehicle Chargers

Low-carbon vehicles are an innovative solution that addresses the environmental impacts produced by Canada’s transportation sector.  However, these vehicles aren’t necessarily practical for long-distance travelling based on how frequently they must be recharged. To encourage consumer adoption of electric vehicles, the government and businesses need to work together to reduce this technical challenge.

This is the main purpose of the Government of Canada’s alternative fuelling network. It provides roadside refuelling opportunities to drivers of vehicles powered on electricity, hydrogen, and natural gas. While other EV charging networks exist, this is the only national network tied directly to major highways.

AddÉnergie Technologies Awarded Loan to Build Network

AddÉnergie Technologies specializes in clean technology by manufacturing smart charging solutions for electric vehicles (EVs). In fact, the Québec City-based company maintains nearly 2,000 charging stations across Canada with plans to increase that amount to 8,000 by 2021.

The Government of Canada’s Electric Vehicle and Alternative Fuel Infrastructure Deployment Initiative will award AddÉnergie Technologies a loan for nearly half of their $1.8 million investment. This amount will accelerate the installation of charging infrastructure at 25 Canadian Tire Gas+ stations across major Ontario highways.

AddÉnergie’s new infrastructure will replace ‘Level 2 Curb Side’ charging stations, which typically require 3-4 hours to replenish an EV’s power supply. The new stations will accommodate all electric vehicles and reduce re-charging times to less than 30 minutes.

Canadian Government Funding Supports Clean Transportation

The Electric Vehicle and Alternative Fuel Infrastructure Deployment Initiative is a $62.5 million government investment that is aimed at creating clean transportation infrastructure from coast-to-coast. It aims to accelerate the rate at which Canadian clean energy tech developers can deploy their recharging stations.

 “Fuels and technologies adopted today will determine the mix of transportation options on Canada’s roads in 2030. By establishing new infrastructure, we are setting Canada’s transportation system on a path to a lower-carbon future while creating jobs for middle-class Canadians.”
– Jim Carr, Canada’s Minister of Natural Resources

Canadian Research Grants to Sustain Clean Technology Developments

Canadian manufacturers and technology developers can access Canadian government funding to support their clean technology investment. Government grants and loans provide an opportunity for manufacturers to reduce project costs, enhance cash flow, and accelerate the project’s completion.

Some of the small business grants that support cleantech development projects include:

IRAP Mid-Size Project: Research and Development Grants

IRAP Mid-Size Project research grants support the development of technology-driven products and processes. Successful applicants can leverage funding to offset costs associated with a project’s direct technical labour expenses, demonstrate innovation, and develop new products or services.

Eligible business may receive up to 65-80% to offset project labour expenses, to a maximum grant contribution of up to 50,000–$500,000.

SD Tech Fund: Grants for Clean Technology Developments

The SD Tech Fund allows businesses to develop and commercialize disruptive clean technologies. Technologies being developed should demonstrate energy efficiency and the ability to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Only large-scale technology development or early-stage commercialization projects will be considered.

Eligible businesses may receive up to 33% of project related expenses with a total contribution ranging between $200,000 to $15,000,000.

SDTC TargetGHG Collaborative Technology Development Funding

The SDTC TargetGHG Collaborative Technology Development program supports the development of clean technology commercialization partnerships that lead to new innovations. The technology should have a considerable focus on reducing production-related GHG gas emissions. Technology developers can facilitate strategic partnerships with research organizations and/or academic institutions to accelerate project timelines and access a team of researchers.

Technology development grants are awarded from the TargetGHG program is as follows:

Accelerate Energy Efficiency Projects with Canadian Government Funding

As energy efficiency becomes an even higher priority across Canada, businesses should seek government funding opportunities to offset operational expenses.

Small businesses can discover a breadth of these government funding resources by accessing Mentor Works’ Canadian Business Funding Guide.

Canadian Small Business Grants and Loans

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