Sustainable Energy with CME 360 Energy Coach Program

bigstock-Business-concept-Energy-Savin-54092746Does your company see itself as a leader in sustainability? If so, the CME 360 Energy Coach Program might be the type of program to help you maintain your status as a market leader. For over a decade, Energy 360 has been assisting organizations like yours to achieve sustainable cost savings and improved environmental performance. Now, the Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters (CME) is partnering with Energy 360 in offering an opportunity to improve productivity through improved energy management.

How to Qualify for CME 360 Energy Coach Program

In order to qualify for this program, small to mid-sized businesses must meet the following criteria:

  • Be committed to continuous improvement.
  • Spend more than $500,000 on energy and water.
  • Looking to improve energy management but have questions about making it sustainable.
  • Actively measuring performance within your organization.
  • Have begun in some way monitoring energy management but looking to improve.
  • Interested in having 3rd party verification of your energy management program.
  • Interested in reducing operating costs.

How the CME 360 Energy Coach Program Will Help

In addition to giving businesses access to world-class best practices and support, the program also offers:

  • Help implementing effective energy management.
  • An opportunity to reduce energy costs by 5% to 25% annually.
  • Sustained long term savings through continuous improvement.
  • Up to $5000 incentive on energy efficiency and management solutions.
  • Reduced rates to become an Energy 360 member for current CME members.

Contact 360 Energy for a Free Consultation to See Whether this Program is Right for Your Business

If you would like to learn more about Energy 360 Coach Program and to set up a free 360Energy consultation, please visit the Energy 360 Website. This incentives program, funded by CME, will offer support to the first 20 businesses that qualify. Contact Louise Rubletz, CME, Program Manager by phone or email for further details to apply: 1-877-913-4263 ext. 3281 Email:

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