CME-FedNor Assessments: Targeted Manufacturing Initiative for Northern Ontario

CME Funding for Operational AssessmentsFedNor is a regional development organization focusing on helping manufacturers operating in Northern Ontario. Through a variety of government funding and support services, FedNor has played a vital role in strengthening businesses and communities across the region.

CME’s Role in Offering Funding for Operational Assessments in Northern Ontario

Realizing the importance of operational assessments in identifying opportunities to improve products and processes including product qualify, lean manufacturing, information systems and more, the Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters (CME) association is offering Northern Ontario businesses 50% to a maximum of $15,000 to complete eligible assessments.

How to Qualify for CME-FedNor Operational Assessments

FedNor-CME North South Boundary MapIn order to qualify for this CME-FedNor small business funding for manufacturers program, applicants must be from the Northern Ontario Service Area, have a minimum of 2 years operating history, and fewer than 500 employees at the facility where the assessment will take place.

The primary activity of qualified applicants will be manufacturing. Please see the Ontario map to the left to determine what regions are eligible for CME-FedNor Assessments funding. The green areas represent eligible regions.

CME-FedNor Operational Assessments: Eligible Project Activities

Funding will be provided to companies that have qualified experts carry out assessments in one of the following focus areas:

  • Assessments
  • Audits; or
  • Gap analysis activities.

Please note that this program does not support an implementation plan or the execution activities, but rather the assessment to produce a strong Statement of Work (SOW). Also note that companies must work with a Qualified Service Provider (QSP), as defined by CME.

CME-FedNor Operational Assessments: Additional Details

Funding offered through this program will cover consulting fees (including travel). Contributions offered through this program are non-repayable.

Start Your Application for CME-FedNor Operational Assessments Funding

Connect with Louise Rubletz, Program Manager at CME either by phone, or email to learn more about this program and to set up a free consultation.
1-877-913-4263 ext. 3281 Email:

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