Manitoba Commercialization Support for Business Program (CSBP) Eligibility

Commercialization Support for Business Program Eligibility Criteria

Update: The Commercialization Support for Business Program (CSBP) is closed and no longer accepting applications. Please refer to the Innovation Growth Program for similar support.

The Commercialization Support for Business Program (CSBP) provides Manitoba government grants to support innovative technology development projects. Business can use CSBP funding to offset product/process development and commercialization project costs, ultimately helping bring the technology to market faster.

The program provides up to 50% of project costs to a maximum $30,000-$250,000 in Manitoba government funding. Projects should create economic growth, including the creation and maintenance of sustainable jobs and increased export revenues.

Interested businesses are encouraged to deepen their understanding of the program’s focus prior to applying for funding. If you’ve seen our Overview of the Commercialization Support for Business Program and still have questions about your eligibility, this article will provide some insight.

Commercialization Support for Business Program Eligibility Requirements

To be considered eligible for the Commercialization Support for Business Program, for-profit businesses must:

  • Employ less than 50 full-time workers or accumulated less than $15M in revenue within the previous year;
  • Maintain a workforce comprised of at least 25% Manitoba residents; and
  • Operate within a target industry including aerospace, energy, food and beverage, interactive digital media, information and communications technologies (ICT), or life sciences.

Please Note: The lifetime maximum a business can receive through CSBP is $250,000.

Ineligible Businesses

The program does not support:

  • Non-profit organizations;
  • Crown corporations;
  • Municipalities; and
  • Consulting-based firms.

Project Eligibility

CSBP will award funding to business projects that are focused on:

  • Commercializing innovative technology products or processes;
  • Marketing activities for new innovative technology development projects;
  • Enhancing Manitoba’s economic development;
  • Leveraging private sector investments;
  • Improving or accelerating export revenues; and
  • Creating sustainable job opportunities.

CSBP Manitoba Small Business Funding: Expense Eligibility

The Commercialization Support for Business Program provides up to 50% coverage of eligible project expenses through all three of its program streams.

Stream 1 – Product Development

Product development funding supports the creation of verified, working prototypes. Projects should have a Technology Readiness Level (TRL) of 4-6 upon application. Successful applicants may receive a maximum $50,000 in Manitoba government grants to offset:

  • Registration of intellectual property;
  • Product certification costs;
  • Completion of a working prototype or finished good; and
  • Delivery of a market validated study, including third-party verification of the core results.

Please Note: This stream does not support research activities. Applicants must be able to demonstrate the project’s concept prior to application.

Stream 2 – Product Commercialization

This stream helps businesses commercialize innovative products or processes to accelerate company growth. Eligible applicants must apply to and achieve the outcomes defined in Stream 1 to be considered eligible for Stream 2. Projects should have a Technology Readiness Level (TRL) of 7-9 upon application. Tech funding can be used to offset:

  • Product testing and refining;
  • Production of a marketing materials;
  • Development of sales plans to support a product launch; and
  • Any activities recommended by the program’s advisory council.

Please Note: To qualify, businesses must be dedicated to working on the project’s deliverables full-time.

Stream 3 – Market Development

This stream supports two main components: trade show assistance and marketing materials design. At this stage, companies will have a market-ready technology that is ready to be exported out-of-province. Eligible applicants can offset project expenses such as:

  1. Trade Show Assistance Expenses:
  • Economy class airfares for up to 2 employees;
  • Trade show booth space;
  • Turnkey trade show booths;
  • Outdoor trade show tents;
  • Booth equipment rentals;
  • Onsite translator; and
  • Reimbursement of gasoline costs (when less expensive than airfare travel).
  1. Marketing Material Designs Expenses:
  • Third-party booth development;
  • Design of digital marketing materials; and
  • Translation of marketing materials.

Ineligible Expenses

CSBP government grants cannot be used to offset:

  • Advertising and branding activities;
  • Capital investments;
  • Purchasing inventory;
  • Preliminary research and development activities;
  • Access to B2B consultants;
  • Travel and entertainment;
  • Development of strategic marketing plans (including printing of marketing materials);
  • Website development and upgrades; and
  • Marketing promotional giveaways/samples.

Apply to the Commercialization Support for Business Program

Businesses meeting the above eligibility criteria should consider applying for Manitoba government funding. Applications may be submitted year-round, and are typically approved within 3-4 weeks.

Contact Mentor Works to confirm your business’ eligibility and receive application support for the Commercialization Support for Business Program.

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Updated: March 10, 2020


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    1. Hi Rankush – That’s exciting news! For early-stage entrepreneurs looking for additional cash sources, we recommend reaching out to business finance sources such as Futurpreneur, noted on our Startup Resources Page. They can not only help with your startup costs, but also provide valuable mentorship services. All the best with your new business!

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