Community Access Program – Youth Initiatives (CAP)

Coordinated by Industry Canada’s Community Access Program and funded through the Youth Employment Strategy of Canada, the Community Access Program’s youth initiatives aims to employ and provide opportunities for young Canadians between the ages of 15 and 30, mostly students, recent graduates, or the under-employed or unemployed. The purpose of the program is to encourage the youth to gain work experience that will aid in the transition to the hard working market. Youth can be hired either for summer or career orientated positions, depending on where they stand with their level of education.

Three Main Objectives

  • By providing work experience for young Canadian’s in CAP Sites across Canada they will support the sustainability and long term viability of CAP Sites.
  •  To increase the use of information and communications technology (ICT) across Canada, to promote economic and social development at the community level; and
  •  To encourage and provide opportunities for young people to gain skills related to ICT, allowing them eligibility for a long-term position at their employment.

What’s the Opportunity?

This program provides two opportunities, one for youth that would like to be a Youth Intern and the other for businesses or companies that want to be a CAP Site where a youth intern would be able to work. There are specific criteria for each of these positions. For example, the Youth Intern, they must be a Canadian citizen, a permanent resident, or legally entitled to work and the CAP Site has to be open to the public for at least 20 hours a week.

Next Steps

This is a terrific opportunity for eligible parties that are in need of youth workers, or youth that are looking for work. For more information regarding the criteria and how to apply for this program, feel free to contact Mentor Works.


  1. Hi Bernadeen, I have 3 companies that I would like to talk to you about possibly getting grant or loans for.
    1. Avis Office Furniture (Small office furniture dealer working out of Whitby)
    2. Moosewa Outpost (hunting and fishing lodge in northern Ontario)
    3. Preservations Solutions Plus (property management company dealing with power of sale homes and forclosed homes for financial institutions with our point of difference from other companies being the web based software that we developed to help the banks manage the properties) We are in both the US and Canada on this one.

    Thanks Mike
    Phone 905-999-6427

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