Coral CEA Innovation Network: Small Business Grants up to $50K/year

Coral CEA is a not-for-profit Open Innovation Network composed of member companies and organizations focused on advancing platform solutions. To date Coral CEA has provided small business grants to over 40 start-up companies including over $1.2 million in grants to complement $3.6 million of in‐kind investment.  With the help of other Canadian government grants and angel investors this has generated over 80 jobs in the province of Ontario.

Core area of focus for CEA Small Business Grants:

small business grants ehealth

  • eHealth – specifically system interoperability, patient centric applications that create ‘useable’ data
  • Big Data – applications generating, accessing, and analyzing dynamic pools of disparate system data
  • Contextually Aware Computing – dynamic automation, workflow automation, user experience / engagement enhancement / optimization

Of these areas highlighted Coral CEA is favorable to providing research and development funding for projects connected with software innovation.  It is essential that the innovation’s emphasis is on technology and/or go-to-market.  The outcome of the project should result in the creation of a “new tool” or market opportunity that can be leveraged by a broader developer community beyond your company’s venture and customers; this remains within the context of enhancing your commercial opportunity & IP value.

Details of Coral Funding for Small Business:

Coral CEA will make a contribution of 33% of the total project cost of no less than $120,000 with a cap of $30,000 total contribution.  Important: The recipient of this funding for small business must report expenses on a monthly basis as well as at the completion of each of the project milestones.

Additional Details of this Ontario Business Grants:

These Ontario business grants carry no encumbrance on your IP, Equity, or Balance Sheet. The details of your project and IP will remain confidential. Coral CEA has no issues with stacking government funding from other public or private funders.  We are ultimately measured by job creation in Ontario; the key to do so is working to help companies overcome commercialization gaps and generating sustainable ventures beyond the life of the Lead Projects.

Deadline for Application for these Government Grants for Small Business:

By the end of the business day, Thursday February 21st, 2013.

Apply for CORAL CEA Small Business Grants:

For an application or further information regarding this grant funding for business opportunity please contact Scott Howard, Business Development at Coral CEA

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