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Enabling Accessibility Fund (EAF): Apply Now for Up to $125K in Funding 

The Enabling Accessibility Fund (EAF) provides essential funding to enhance accessibility in Canadian communities and workplaces for persons with disabilities.  

The EAF aims to create more opportunities for persons with disabilities to: 

  • take part in community activities, programs, and services; or 
  • access employment. 

There are 3 different program components in the EAF. Each component holds separate calls for funding. In this blog, we will specifically look at the Small Projects Component. 

Funding Snapshot: Enabling Accessibility Fund (EAF) – Small Projects Component 

The EAF aims to eliminate accessibility barriers and improve safety, creating inclusive environments for persons with disabilities. There are three program components, each with distinct calls for funding. 

Funding Amount 

  • Up to $125,000 per project. 

Applicant Eligibility 

Eligible applicants include for-profit organizations, non-profits, Indigenous organizations, municipal and territorial governments, registered/licensed Early Learning and Child Care (ELCC) centres, and organizations providing transitional, temporary, or emergency housing. 

Project Eligibility 

Eligible projects include:  

  • Renovation, construction, and retrofits; 
  • Purchase of accessible equipment/devices; and/or 
  • Provision of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) that benefit multiple persons with disabilities. 

Funding Priorities 

Certain projects will be prioritized for funding. These include:  

  • Projects increasing accessibility and safety in facilities addressing poverty, such as shelters, food banks, and thrift shops; 
  • Indigenous community projects improving accessibility and safety for Indigenous persons with disabilities; and 
  • Consideration of geographic distribution, community needs, and emerging priorities. 

Application Process 

  • Project Readiness: Must start in Winter 2025 and be completed within two years. 
  • Priority: Organizations not funded in the 2022 small projects call for proposals are prioritized. 
  • Deadline: Applications must be submitted by July 23rd, 2024

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