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Energy Innovation Program (EIP): Cleantech Grant EOI Due by July 2nd 

The Energy Innovation Program (EIP) supports renewable energy demonstration projects that will enhance local energy systems through innovative renewable heat or power generation. This program aims to drive advancements in energy technologies and integration. 

The call will fund projects aimed at: 

  • Encouraging local involvement and benefits in renewable energy generation and usage; 
  • Improving the reliability and accessibility of renewable energy sources; 
  • Reducing environmental impacts and supporting Canada’s net-zero emissions goals; and 
  • Promoting innovative, replicable renewable energy solutions. 

Funding Snapshot: Energy Innovation Program (EIP) – Renewable Energy Demonstrations Call  

Funding Amount 

  • Stream 1: Open to all applicants, offering up to 50% funding with a maximum of $4M. 
  • Stream 2: Open to Indigenous applicants, providing up to 100% funding with a maximum of $4M.

Project Eligibility 

Eligible projects must be demonstration initiatives that improve local energy systems through renewable heat or power generation and/or integration. Projects must have a Technology Readiness Level (TRL) of 6 or higher and a minimum capacity of 100kW electrical or 300kW thermal. Renewable energy sources must include solar, wind, geothermal, and/or marine resources. 

Eligible projects by category: 

  • Solar thermal in agrifood; 
  • Solar photovoltaic integrated with crop growing; 
  • Floating solar PV in aquaculture/existing water bodies; and 
  • Solar integrated with thermal storage. 
  • Wind farms with innovative wildlife impact minimization; and 
  • Wind farms using recyclable turbine blades. 
  • Direct use for northern greenhouses; 
  • Direct use for high-value light industry; and 
  • Innovative combined heat and power systems. 
  • Tidal, wave, or river current energy in hybrid microgrids; and 
  • Tidal or wave energy with storage for port decarbonization. 

Applicant Eligibility 

  • Stream 1: Open to all eligible applicants. 
  • Stream 2: Exclusively open to Indigenous applicants. 

Application Deadline 

  • Stream 1: Expression of Interest (EOI) deadline is July 2, 2024. 
  • Stream 2: EOI deadline is September 26, 2024. 

Access Cleantech Funding with Our Help 

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