Feasibility Studies Program – Manitoba

The Feasibility Studies Program is a cost-shared study program for Manitoba companies only. There is financial assistance up to 50 percent of the cost to a maximum of $25 000. This incorporates the net sum of all government financial assistance received. This program is for applicants considering investing in a project that could result in the development of a new and/or expanded manufacturing/processing facility or other related industries, located in Manitoba.

Eligible Activities

  • Studies for hiring consultants for the purpose of researching and compiling a feasibility study or business plan.
  • The study may include financial analysis market analysis, engineering analysis, or a combination of both relative to the development of a new product or process and/or expanding manufacturing, processing, business or service facility (or related industry) to be located in the Province of Manitoba.

Eligible applicants must be in the region of the Province of Manitoba.

Next Steps

Companies in the Province of Manitoba who are eligible for this program and are considering investing in the project should contact Mentor Works for support and more information regarding the application to this program.

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