Market Your Medical Products International – Ontario Sells Program

You’re an Ontario manufacturing company in the health sector. You have carried out an R&D project, completing pre-commercialization, commercialization, and clinical evaluation of your new innovation. In order to maximize your ROI, you want to maximize your market exposure, however the R&D process is never inexpensive. The Health Technology Exchange (HTX) is providing a solution to this common problem by offering the Ontario Sells Program. This program is designed to help Ontario medical manufacturing companies market their products internationally.

Funding Details

The program is restricted to Ontario SME’s in the health sector and covers 50% of all international sales and marketing costs for made-in-Ontario medical products. Typical projects are approximately $100,000 in size. The Ontario Sells Program will provide funding in the form of performance-based loans.

Learn More

Mentor Works provides expert advise on the suitability of projects for this and other funding mechanisms. We will find the most appropriate funding opportunities to help grow your business. This program can be stacked with the trade show grant, Export Market Access, to maximize your international exposure. Please contact us for more information.

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