Connect Canada Internship

Connect Canada is encouraging the amount of research and development in Canada to increase. The program places graduate students and post-doctoral fellows with private-sector host companies together for research placements. The interns work on projects created by their academic supervisor and the industry partner. This opportunity is funded by Industrial Research-Development Intership (IRDI) through Networks of Centres of Excellence (NCE).

Funding Details

Internships last four to six months with at least 50 per cent of the intern’s time spent at the facilities of the industry partner. The value of the total internship stipend is $10,000, equally funded between Connect Canada and the industry partner. Other sources of funding are allowed during funding from Connect Canada and this opportunity is open to ALL disciplines of research, including; natural sciences, engineering, economy, social science, health, environment and ethics.

Internships are funded by $5,000 from the partnership company and then Connect Canada will match it, for a grand total of $10,000 for the duration of the internship. Opportunities will be directed to the appropriate university after the industry partners register with Connect Canada.

Applications can be submitted online. Mentor Works continues to collect information on government hiring programs and gives guidance and support to those interested parties. To learn more about how Mentor Works can help you harness this funding, please contact Mentor Works directly.

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