Agriculture 2.0 Global Investments – Sustainable Agriculture Event

Canadian agriculture has faced considerable change and advancement throughout the 20th century. As the industry faces new challenges in the 21st century, the issue of sustainable agriculture has gained popularity worldwide. In November, the Guelph agricultural firm, Bioenterprise, is hosting the Agriculture 2.0 Global Investments event to focus on this key topic.

When: November 7-8, 2011

Where: Renaissance Toronto Downtown Hotel – 1 Blue Jays Way, Toronto, ON

The Future of Agricultural

This event is dedicated to the topic of sustainable agriculture. Bioenterprise President, David Smardon, will moderate a panel of some of the world’s leading agribusiness executives as they discuss the topic “What’s Next? Predicting the Future of Global Agriculture”. Attendees will have a chance to connect with potential business partners and leaders in the industry to discuss the future of agriculture and how to achieve the highest ROI while taking advantage of cutting edge agricultural innovations. AG20 Global Investments will also tackle some of the industry’s largest challenges, such as how to combat droughts and climate change with new technologies.

Leverage Government Funding

There is a wide variety of government funding opportunities available to Canadian businesses in the form of both grants and low-interest repayable loans.

These are just a few examples of the many funding opportunities available to Canada’s agricultural businesses. To learn more about what funding programs are ideal for your business, please contact Mentor Works today.

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