Medical Grant for Clinical Evaluation – Technology Implementation Program

We have profiled how healthcare R&D projects can tap into funds related to pre-commercialization and commercialization of new technologies. Companies that have missed out on, or already benefited from, these funding mechanisms can utilize the Technology Implementation Program (TIP). This program, funded by The Health Technology Exchange (HTX), is designed to assist late-stage testing of new health technology through the procurement or installation of an Ontario developed MAT.

Funding Details

Applicants must be Ontario-based SME’s. Their project partner must be an Ontario-based publicly funded hospital, rehabilitation centre, or healthcare agency. Typical project costs are around $200,000 over two years. TIP will cover 50% of the total project value in the form of performance-based loans. Therefore, the applicant, partnering organization, and/or other government funding must cover the other 50% of project costs.

Apply for Funding

If you are interested in more information about this funding opportunity, please contact us directly. Mentor Works specializes in building customized plans to help businesses grow by leveraging government funding. We can provide you with valuable resources and information on the most relevant funding mechanisms for your business’ needs.


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