Film Production Grants Support Alberta-based Independent Mini Series

Film Production Grants Support Sci-Fi Comedy Series

Independent mini-series, PsyBorgs, has been selected to receive up to $100,000 in film production grants through STORYHIVE’s 100K Edition competition. The investment has helped extend the project from a short film to a six-part series, that will be aired on and Telus’ Optik TV-on-Demand.

PsyBorgs is 1 of 25 production projects awarded short film grants through STORYHIVE’s 100K Edition. This program supports content creation conducted by businesses within British Columbia and Alberta. The organization funds and supports filmmakers to make films accessible online and to audiences across the globe.

Grants awarded through STORYHIVE will help recipients produce screen-based projects and receive additional production support and mentorship from the National Screen Institute.

Up to $100k in Film Production Grants to Support Sci-Fi Comedy Series

PsyBorgs, a Calgary-based production, is a six-part sci-fi, comedy series that follows the lives of psychic superheroes that are determined to terminate a rogue terrorist organization known as T.O.X.I.N.  The production is led by filmmaker, David Hiatt, who describes the show as an ‘80’s cult classic that has earned him and his crew recognition in Canada’s media industry.

STORYHIVE announced the 25 winners of its 100k Edition competition in August 2017, with final projects due by Spring 2018. To successfully produce and launch media content, access to funding is critical for emerging filmmakers.

“I think that this $100,000 [will earn us] a lot more notoriety, a lot more street cred, and who knows, maybe this is just what we need to quit our day jobs and start doing this full time.”
– David Hiatt, Creator & Director, PsyBorgs

Government Grants for Filmmakers: Alberta Media Fund (AMF)

The Alberta Media Fund (AMF) plays an important role in supporting media development, production, and marketing projects in Alberta. The program is divided into four funding streams, which include:

  1. Production Projects: Up to 25-30% of eligible production costs to a maximum $5 million in grants per project. Funding supports the development, production, and marketing of film or television content, digital or interactive content, and/or web series.
  2. Interactive Digital Media: Up to 35% of eligible labour costs to a maximum $200,000 in grants per project. Funding supports the creation and development of interactive digital media content and gaming merchandise.
  3. Post-Production, Visual Effects, and Digital Animation: Up to 18% of eligible labour costs to a maximum $200,000 in grants per project. Funding supports editing video and audio, sound effects, closed-captioning, subtitling, and digital animation.; and
  4. Project Script Development: Up to 30-50% of project costs to a maximum $55,000 in grants per project, including up to $15,000 for pre-development, up to $25,000 for first drafts, and up to $15,000 for final drafts. Funding allows writers, directors, and producers to help create high-quality, production-ready projects and/or scripts.

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Apply for Media Funding

To get started with AMF funding, eligible candidates must create a business profile on the Alberta Media Fund’s online application portal. After registering, applicants will need to complete and submit an application form for the specific stream they are applying to. In addition, applicants must provide company financial statements and a detailed project description, including schedules and budgets.

Please Note: AMF funding can be stacked’ with other government funding programs, such as the Canada Media Fund.

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