Fundingportal Growth™: An AI-Enhanced Solution for Scaling Canadian Businesses 

Fundingportal is recognized for empowering small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to identify and access a vast network of grants, loans, and tax incentive programs across Canada.

Today, we introduce you to Fundingportal Growth™, an advanced subscription platform. With artificial intelligence technology, this tool proficiently matches Canadian businesses with suitable grants and incentive programs.

With over 4,600 available programs, Fundingportal Growth™ propels businesses to new heights by optimizing funding opportunities.

Fundingportal Growth™ Benefits for Canadian Businesses

From scaling businesses to F1000 corporations, Fundingportal Growth™ accommodates businesses of all sizes and growth stages.

Identify Programs

Kick-off your funding journey by creating an Applicant Profile. Securely input project details, R&D stages, and IP ownership. Fundingportal Growth™ matches your unique project data to the right funding programs available to your team … extensive selection of over 4,600 Canadian funding sources.

Apply for Funding

Connect directly with funders and government agencies through our platform. Or request grant writing services support from the Mentor Works team of funding experts for specific programs. Fundingportal Growth™ subscribers can now import and organize supporting documents required by funding agencies, such as project plans and corporate finances, all in one unified document repository.

Confirm and Leverage Wins

Enable customized email “Alerts” and act swiftly on new and updated funding programs. Set your alerts to match your funding objectives and eligibility criteria. Opt for daily alerts or weekly summaries to keep up with the ever-changing funding landscape.

Stay Competitive with Fundingportal Growth™

The Canadian funding landscape is vast and intricate, often presenting unique challenges for SMEs. Fundingportal Growth™ serves as a powerful compass, overcoming common obstacles businesses face in their funding pursuits. Here’s how:

  • Streamlined Funding Discovery and Project Matching: With over 4,600+ public grants, tax credits, incentives, and private investment funds available, Fundingportal Growth™ simplifies the complex funding ecosystem. Utilizing advanced technology, the platform curates and matches the right opportunities based on your unique business parameters and project data, eliminating the guesswork and time-consuming research.
  • Real-time Funding Intelligence: Real-time updates empower teams to quickly pivot. Leverage this intelligence to pivot your funding focus rapidly as new or renewed funding becomes available, allowing you to strategize and apply for funding effectively.
  • Custom Expert Services Options: Enhance your subscription with our expert add-on services. Our FundingIQ Reports provide a deeper, data-driven funding strategy, canvassing all federal, provincial, and regional government funding programs. Receive predictive intelligence on potential funding amounts and insights into past awards. Additionally, our team at Mentor Works provides expert grant writing support for select programs, leveraging their deep understanding of the funding process to increase your chances of success.

Access Fundingportal Growth™ for Your Business Goals

Fundingportal Growth™ addresses the challenges faced by SMEs in identifying and applying for non-dilutive funding opportunities, providing an effective solution to navigate the vast Canadian funding landscape and bolster your business’s funding strategy.

Learn more by visiting our official Fundingportal Growth™ Page including visual examples of how this AI tool helps identify, apply for, and confirm funding for your business.

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