Wilton Cheese Factory Awarded $17.8k in GF2 Ontario Business Grants

Growing Forward 2 Funding Success Wilton Cheese

Based in Odessa, Ontario, the Wilton Cheese Factory has been manufacturing artisan cheese since 1867. The company is known for their variety of high quality and award-winning cheeses. Its products are uniquely old-fashioned, have natural flavours and are full bodied, giving consumers some of the best cheeses on the market.

Recently, the Wilton Cheese Factory was awarded government funding to update its production facilities. This includes a complete rebuild of the company’s main cooler. In doing so, Wilton Cheese will reduce operating expenses and drive greater profits for years to come.

Through Growing Forward 2, the Wilton Cheese Factory will receive over $17.8k in Ontario government grants to use towards its project.

Growing Forward 2 is a federal-provincial-territorial initiative that supports Ontario small businesses in the agri-food sector with Ontario business grants. Facility expansion and upgrading production equipment are project types typically well-suited for funding support through the program.

Growing Forward 2 Awards $17.8k in Ontario Business Grants

Since 1867, the Wilton Cheese Factory has been a top producer of fine artisan cheeses. Their Odessa, Ontario location has been a long-serving production facility for the business, although to remain highly productive, new equipment was needed.

Growing Forward 2 awarded $17.8k to the Wilton Cheese Factory for equipment improvements.

Wilton Cheese’s innovative project involved the upgrading of its main cooler where ingredients and final products are stored. The new cooler is much more energy efficient and has led the company to saving on energy costs. Ultimately this will allow the company to create jobs, enhance their competitiveness and innovate through the introduction of new products.

“The Growing Forward 2 program keeps the Wilton Cheese Factory a viable, productive, award-winning Canadian cheddar manufacturer.”
– Scott Jensen, Owner-Manager, Wilton Cheese Factory

About Growing Forward 2 Ontario for Food Processors

Growing Forward 2 Ontario is a government funding program that offset a portion of costs related to innovative projects led by agricultural producers and processors. Through the program, agri-food businesses accessed funding facility expansions, equipment purchases and exporting projects, among others.

At the time of this article’s posting, Growing Forward 2 is no longer accepting applications. Growing Forward 2 has finished its funding mandate and will be replaced with support through the Canadian Agricultural Partnership (CAP) in spring 2018.

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