Clean Energy Innovation Program Awards $2.6M to Carbon Capture Project

Clean Energy Innovation Funding for Clean Technology Innovators

Inventys is a Vancouver, British Columbia-based firm that develops clean energy technologies. Recently, the company researched and developed an innovative method for capturing post-combustion carbon dioxide from industrial, natural gas and coal power plants. This technology, known better as the VeloxoTherm process, uses structured adsorbents to separate carbon dioxide from other flue gasses. Carbon dioxide can then be removed from the system for storage and utilization.

To support the demonstration of VeloxoTherm technology, Inventys will receive up to $2.6M through NRCan’s Clean Energy Innovation (CEI) program.

The next stage of commercializing VeloxoTherm technology requires Inventys to establish a pilot plant which demonstrates the system’s capital cost and operating expenses. These factors will help identify where further improvements can be made to the system and is also important to potential purchasers who require performance data prior to purchase.

Climate Capture Project Awarded $2.6 in Demonstration Funding

Inventys’ VeloxoTherm process is a next-generation post-combustion carbon capture system. It uses a rotary adsorption machine to filter carbon dioxide out of flue gasses so that only non-harmful gasses are released into the atmosphere. Carbon dioxide is adsorbed and then flushed out of the rotary machine with a blast of steam; this produces a carbon dioxide vapour which can be further concentrated into pure carbon dioxide. Purified carbon dioxide can then be pumped underground and be used for advanced oil and gas recovery.

Canada’s federal and provincial governments have supported multiple phases of research, development, and now demonstration of VeloxoTherm. Cleantech project funding has been provided through:

Technology Demonstration Project with Husky Energy

Now with the major research and development projects complete, Inventys can focus on demonstrating their technology to potential customers in the energy sector. Since oil and gas production creates considerable carbon dioxide emissions, finding a producer to help pilot the technology would help to additional customers.

Husky Energy has stepped up as a partner willing to incorporate the VeloxoTherm process into one of its Alberta-based facilities. Through the commissioning of new facility, Inventys will be able to build and install a VeloxoTherm machine capable of capturing 30 tonnes of carbon dioxide per day. This would greatly help to demonstrate a full-scale deployment and simulate the performance other energy producers could expect.

Not only will the VeloxoTherm technology help oil and gas companies reduce production-related carbon dioxide, but the gasses stored underground can help force new oil and gas to deposit areas. This speeds production and reduces operational expenses.

About the NRCan Clean Energy Innovation (CEI) Program

The Clean Energy Innovation program supports clean technology research, development and demonstration projects. Available across Canada, businesses may receive funding to offset a portion of costs related to activities which progress innovative concepts through to market readiness.

The Clean Energy Innovation program provides up to 50-75% of project costs to a maximum of $5 million in Canadian government grants.

To apply for NRCan Clean Energy Innovation funding, companies must complete a two-stage application process which starts with an Expression of Interest (EOI). EOIs help guide initial eligibility reviews; all companies and projects deemed a good fit for the program will then be invited to submit a comprehensive application. Overall, the application process for NRCan’s Clean Energy Innovation program takes approximately 7-8 months.

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