Government Support Tools for Small Business

The Ontario Government has recently developed an online service directory for assisting small businesses and start-ups across all sectors. One-Source for Business is an online business application that provides direct access to useful information and industry advice for starting and operating a small business in Ontario. The directory also provides access to the latest news and resources regarding small business opportunities including Business Funding Grants and industry events. Businesses are encouraged to register in order to fully benefit from these business support tools.

More Small Business Funding and Tools for Start-Ups

Entrepreneurs looking to receive small business funding grants and business development support to start or expand their business should refer to the following Ontario Government funding tools and applications for starting a business.

Canadian Business Funding Consultants

Businesses looking for additional advice and services to support their Ontario Government Funding applications can contact a Canadian Government Funding Consultant or attend one of our Free 60 Minute Ontario Government Funding Workshops. Interested parties can also follow our feed by Joining Our Circle on Google+ or following us on Twitter.


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