Greenbelt Fund – April 2018 Funding Intake Announced

Greenbelt Fund Grants: Apply by August 3, 2017

The Greenbelt Fund: Local Food Investment Fund (LFIF) provides Ontario government grants to increase consumption of foods that are grown or processed locally. Funding may be awarded for three types of projects, including those that increase Broader Public Sector purchases, improve Market Access, and promote Local Food Literacy.

Recently, the program announced a new intake period to accept a limited number of new projects. Companies interested in accessing Greenbelt Fund grants for projects starting in late 2018 should consider applying as soon as possible to be considered.

The application period for the Greenbelt Fund’s Local Food Investment Fund has now closed. 

Ontario-based organizations should start preparing eligible projects to meet the upcoming deadline. There are no further intakes planned for 2018 so it is essential to apply now and ensure you do not miss out on potential funding for projects.

About the Greenbelt Fund: Local Food Investment Fund

The Greenbelt Fund: Local Food Investment Fund is an Ontario government funding program designed to improve demand for/access to local agricultural products. Ensuring there is a strong market for made-in-Ontario products is essential to the sustainability of the province’s agricultural sector and economy, which is why the program calls on a variety of applicants to support food initiatives.

Greenbelt Fund applicants may receive up to 50% of eligible project expenses in Ontario agriculture grants.

Support for Local Food Investment Fund projects is administered through the program’s three unique grant streams, including:

  1. Local Food Literacy: Developing food literacy campaigns to educate or train the public on local food products.
  2. Market Access: Conducting market research, developing value-added services, and forming new relationships within the value chain.
  3. Broader Public Sector (BPS) Sales: Developing and implementing plans to increase the amount of food sourced from Ontario producers or processors.

Applicants Eligible for Greenbelt Fund Grants

To apply for the Greenbelt Fund: Local Food Investment Fund, organizations must:

  • Be a public or private-sector organization;
  • Have primary operations located in Ontario;
  • Have the capacity to complete an eligible project;
  • Support a minimum of 50% of the proposed project’s expenses;
  • Have at least two years of current audited financial statements;
  • Possess a minimum of $2 million in general liability insurance during the project; and
  • Enter a formal written agreement with the Greenbelt Fund.

Successful Greenbelt Fund: Local Food Investment Fund Projects

Some recent recipients of the Greenbelt Fund: Local Food Investment Fund include:

How to Apply for Greenbelt Fund Grants

To apply for the Greenbelt Fund: Local Food Investment Fund, businesses and non-profits must complete a two-phase application process that consists of:

  1. Letter of Inquiry (LOI) Submission; and
  2. Full Application Submission.

In each of these phases, applicants are required to complete a formalized, detailed application package and submit it to the Greenbelt Fund by an established deadline.

The round of funding described in this blog is no longer available. No future intake dates have been announced by Greenbelt Fund.

To discuss your organization’s eligibility and receive support throughout the application process, please contact Mentor Works.

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