Growing Canadian Agri-Innovations Program

The Growing Canadian Agri-Innovations Program is supported by the Canadian Federation of Agriculture and is an important tool to assist farmers, food processors, and researchers with introducing innovative ideas to the marketplace in less time.

As a part of Growing Forward, a commitment between the government and the agricultural sector, this program will invest in and support four initiatives: Agri-Science Clusters, Growing Innovative Agri-Products, Agri-Foresight, and Promoting Agri-Based Investment Opportunities. These programs will assist in the agricultural sector of industry by providing a partnership with the government that addresses the changing environment.

1. Agri-Science Clusters

This branch will help bring together scientific and technical resources for agricultural organizations so that they can establish groups to support swift profitability and competitiveness. This section will encourage industry leadership and will result in less time for new products, practices and processes to reach the market.

2. Growing Innovative Agri-Products

This section will support the science and technology behind the industry-led projects. New economic opportunities for farmers, agri-businesses and communities will be created throughout this innovation. This initiative includes two streams:

  1. Innovation Strategy Development: Creating and expanding agri-based value chains that will develop into new opportunities
  2. Implementation of Applied Science, Technology Development and Piloting Projects: transforming the ideas into products, practices and processes in order to help the sector manage the applied science research and development resources.

3. Agri-Foresight

This branch will predict future challenges and opportunities in the agricultural sector. Those involved, partners and stakeholders, will be able to plan for and take responsibility by creating strategies to increase their profitability despite the challenges.

4. Promoting Agri-Based Investment Opportunities

This section will develop networks encouraging private investments in the new agricultural products, practices and processes. It will promote opportunities to potential investors and agri-entrepreneurs as well as encouraging them to become involved.

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