Update: YMCA High Demand Youth Internship Program Canadian Business Grants for Hiring

Businesses across Canada have experienced a great deal of success working with this small business grants for hiring program. Due to the popularity of the program and its suitability for a wide variety of companies, we have outlined some of the most important eligibility criteria and guidelines associated with this program.

small business grants for hiring

High Demand Youth Internship Program Canadian Government Grants Program

First, it’s worthwhile to note that our clients have been very pleased with the program and the efficiency of the application process.  Human Resources and Skill Development Canada (HRSDC) sponsors this Canadian government funding program which is operated by the YMCA.  The High Demand Youth Internship Program (HDYIP) Canadian small business grants program offers young professional a fabulous opportunity to develop career-related skills and confidence on the job while working under the guidance of a mentor.

Top Lessons Learned about the HD-YIP Small Business Grants for Hiring Program

Through our experience with the program, here is what we have come to view as the most important considerations for potential applicants:

1.)   There is No Cap on How Many Applications One Employer May Submit to the HD-YIP Program

We have worked with clients that have succeeded on multiple applications to this program.

2.)   It MUST be stated within the application that the intention is to offer a 1 year employment commitment at the end of the internship.

There are no exceptions to this rule.

3.)   The HD-YIP Program is a minimum 16 week internship with a scheduled completion date of March 10th, 2014.  (Priority will be given to those longer than 16 weeks).

Note:   The scheduled start date can be no later than November 18th.  Stay tuned to Mentor Works by signing up for our Canadian government funding weekly e-newsletter to learn the latest about funding allocation and depletion, new small business grants and loans programs, and more.

Learn More about the HD-YIP Small Business Grants Canada Hiring Program

HD-YIP government small business grants focus on supporting internships in fields that are in demand and poised for continued growth.   Some of the wide variety of fields that HD YIP encompasses include:  knowledge-based technology, manufacturing, construction, retail trade, accounting, and more.  Contact a Canadian government funding expert to find out whether your company’s position qualifies.

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