How to Hire Students and Graduates – KW/Cambridge/Guelph

Using the two most popular government funding mechanisms for hiring (see previous blogs) to grow your business,  it may appear complicated or too good to be true at first glance. But SMEs have great potential to expand our horizons.

I recommend contacting our local Conestoga college and Ken Buitenhuis [] for support on how to provide small business owners with excellent candidates locally to interview. Whether your interest is with co-op short term assignments (i.e. SBIP) or full-time graduate hires and commitment through the YEP program, Conestoga has great candidates for consideration.

So if the economy and US marketplace conditions have caused you to reduce your workforce, the support of government to SMEs through small business financing options is perfect. It is now time to consider your strategic thinking approach and enable your business for steady growth.

Drop me a comment back and retweet your success story with others. We can move our business forward together.

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