Qualify for Investing in Business Growth and Productivity Ontario Small Business Loans

bigstock-Successful-Business-Woman-7684010Investing in Business Growth and Productivity (IBGP) is issued by the Federal Economic Development Agency for Southern Ontario (FedDev Ontario).  IBGP is a part of the $530 million suite of programs called Southern Ontario Prosperity Initiatives (SOPIs).

Small Business Loans Ontario –Funding Details

IBGP small business loans offer up to $20 million of funding per project to cover as much as 25% of eligible project expenses. Project should be aimed at expanding facilities, adopting new technology, and participating in global markets.

Additional IBGP Small Business Loans Information:

  • 75% of project expenses must be provided as cash by the applicant,
  • The total amount of funding received via government sources must not exceed 75% of eligible, non-capital costs, and 50% of eligible capital costs,
  • Application intake is continuous.

IBGP Small Business Loans Ontario –Company Eligibility

In order to qualify for the Investing in Business Growth and Productivity small business loans program, companies must:

  • Be a Canadian incorporated Business, located in Southern Ontario
  • Have between 15 and 1000 employees
  • Have a stable business model and a profitable track record with the potential to become a strong global player
  • Appropriate organization and project management and technical skills;
  • Evidence of the project’s cost estimates; and
  • Capacity to account for and execute the project successfully in a timely manner.

Investing in Business Growth and Productivity –Project Eligibility

The following project types are eligible for funding through IBGP business loans Ontario:

  • Adapting or adopting new technologies, processes, and related skills development;
  • Business opportunity development, growth and integration in global value chains;
  • Facilities improvement or expansion;
  • Market development and expansion; and
  • Business expansion to support greater economic diversification.

Expenses Eligible for IBGP Ontario Small Business Loans

Eligible expenses include the following:

  • Labour expenses
  • Expertise (consulting)
  • Non-capital
  • Capital Expense

Investing in Business Growth and Productivity Application Process

The application process for Investing in Business Growth and Productivity involves 2 stages:

1. Statement of Intent
2. Full Proposal

Note: Projects that support certain priority sectors and help diversify the regional economy may be given special consideration.

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