Innovative Solutions Canada: 2019 R&D Challenges

Innovative Solutions Canada (ISC) is an initiative that seeks technology-based solutions to federal government challenges. Through the program, companies can receive grant funding to research and develop solutions that overcome these challenges, therefore helping the Canadian government to function better. The Government of Canada may even purchase your innovation for further testing and deployment.

The three-phase ISC program offers Canadian government grants for research (up to $150,000), development (up to $1 million) and, if selected, innovators may receive federal procurement contracts.

To participate in ISC, you must submit a proposal for one of the program’s current innovation challenges. To help you find the most applicable challenge for your business, this article summarizes current and upcoming areas where solutions are required. Explore each stream to evaluate whether your business can develop and commercialize in-demand next-generation technology.

Innovative Solutions Canada: Federal Innovation Challenges

Innovative Solutions Canada is currently holding an application intake for the following innovation challenges:

Low-cost Sensor System for Patient Monitoring

Solution Wanted: Low cost system (unit cost <$20) that can continuously measure temperature, blood pressure (BP), peripheral capillary oxygen saturation (SpO2), and pulse rate, and transmit this information wirelessly to a base station thereby allowing monitoring of ambulatory patients in locales including ERs, general wards, and homes.

Contract Value: Phase 1 – Up to $150,000. Phase 2 – Up to $1,000,000

Timeline: Proposals accepted until March 19, 2020.

Nanocomposite Fabrics Production System

Solution Wanted: Manufacturing process solution that will produce nanocomposite sheets and fabrics contained of carbon nanotubes and polymer by the roll. This is in order to make the next generation of high-performance multifunctional fabric for energy absorption, fire protection, electromagnetic shielding, etc.

Contract Value: Phase 1 – Up to $150,000. Phase 2 – Up to $1,000,000

Timeline: Proposals accepted until March 24, 2020

Surveying Objects Across an Air-Water Interface

Solution Wanted: Non-intrusive surveying technology that can accurately measure the surface and profile objects in a laboratory setting that are partially or fully submerged under water.

Contract Value: Phase 1 – Up to $150,000. Phase 2 – Up to 5300,000

Timeline: Proposals accepted until March 24, 2020

Secure and Confidential Rule Matching

Solution Wanted: System to evaluate the pattern matching signatures in insecure environments without revealing either the signatures themselves or the portions of the corpus matched by those signatures.

Contract Value: Phase 1 – Up to $150,000. Phase 2 – Up to $1,000,000

Timeline: Proposals accepted until March 26, 2020

AI Software for Photonics Semiconductor Fabrication

Solution Wanted: Software solution that will, through the use of models and data analysis, predict and control the wavelength of a grown semiconductor structure during its fabrication.

Contract Value: Phase 1 – Up to $150,000. Phase 2 – Up to $300,000

Timeline: Proposals accepted until March 29, 2020

About the Innovative Solutions Canada R&D Program

Innovative Solutions Canada (ISC) is a competitive proposal-based funding program that provides government grants to Canadian innovators. Through the program, applicants can choose an open innovation challenge and offer a technological approach to help overcome the problem. Proposals submitted from qualified applicants are called forward to Phase 1 (Proof of Concept). Selected concepts are invited to participate in Phase 2 (Prototype Development) and upon completion of the program, the department that initiated the challenge may purchase your innovation for deployment.

Research grants are awarded depending on the challenge and project phase. Consult your specific challenge for greater insight on ISC’s financial incentives.

To participate in any of the challenges listed in this blog, innovators must be for-profit, incorporated in Canada, maintain less than 500 full-time equivalent (FTE) employees, perform research and development in Canada, and maintain a workforce/management group that is primarily Canadian-based.

To discuss your eligibility for Innovative Solutions Canada and explore how your company can optimize the application process, please contact Mentor Works.

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Posted: October 26, 2018. Updated: January 31, 2020.

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