Investment Cooperation Program: Investing in Emerging Markets

Canadian businesses interested in expanding into developing countries need to take a close look at the Investment Cooperation Program (INC), offered by Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada. This program is aimed at supporting companies who are investing in emerging markets by assisting with costs related to determining technical feasibility and economic viability of an investment, demonstrating and adapting appropriate technologies, and carrying out activities to increase the sustainability of the investment and local environment.

Eligibility of Projects

Projects must be at least $500,000 in size and must focus on one of the eligible developing countries listed on the INC Guide Website. Eligible activities include:

  • Commercial Viability Study (50% cost coverage)
  • Adaptation and Demonstration of Technology (50% cost coverage)
  • Sustainability Activities (ie. environmental impact, human resources & training plan, supply chain analysis) (50% cost coverage)
  • Implementation Activities (ie. environmental & social initiatives, training, supply chain activities) (75% cost coverage)
  • Report to INC on impact of project (100% cost coverage)

Companies can experience up to $575,000 in total funding support towards the above mentioned activities from the INC Program.

Eligibility of Companies

Companies interested in INC must be Canadian for-profit private-sector companies who have been incorporated for at least 3 years, as well as financially stable with over $2M in annual revenues. The INC program expects companies to have already carried out preliminary research on the proposed market and currently be registered with a Virtual Trade Commissioner under the Trade Commissioner Service (Register now).

Apply for Canadian Government Funding Today

If you are interested in this program, please visit the Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada Website or contact Mentor Works for more details. Mentor Works helps businesses find the optimal government funding programs for their needs. Companies looking to expand internationally should also consider Export Market Access ($50k trade show grant) and the Export Manager Program ($80K Export Manager hiring grant).

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