IRAP Mid-size Projects through IRAP

bigstock-aerospace-gears-and-cogs-tita-55083500The National Research Council of Canada (NRC) provides Canadian government funding opportunities to small businesses looking to develop or implement innovative technologies and processes. The Canadian grant funding program provided through NRC is called the Industrial Research Assistance Program or “IRAP”. IRAP offers funding for various sizes of projects with the IRAP Midsize project funding projects that are larger than an initial project with IRAP that might be funded through IRAP ARP program.

More about the Aim of the Industrial Research Assistance Program (IRAP)

The IRAP program is a key instrument that the government uses to provide funding to help SMEs to become more competitive.  Helping SMEs  develop new technology promotes growth while encouraging SMEs to develop new products, and expand their market share.

IRAP Mid-size Program: Company Eligibility

The IRAP Midsize program is for SMEs located in Canada with fewer than 500 employees. The projects must entail either exploratory research projects supporting new product development or in-house or contract research, or a combination of both. Project funding is available beginning in April each year until it is completely allocated. Funding is available from $50,000 – $500,000 to support up to 65% of the salaries of those working on the project.

Learn More about Funding through IRAP’s Mid-size Project Program

To find out more about how you access this government funding for small businesses, please contact an expert at Mentor Works. And to stay up to date on additional funding programs available at the provincial and federal levels of government, please sign up for our Canadian government funding weekly e-newsletter.

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