Ontario Job Creation Partnerships (JCP) – Hire An Intern

The Job Creation (JCP) program is a unique Ontario small business funding mechanism. JCP support unemployed workers by providing them with EI benefits as they complete an internship program, while looking for full-time work. The fund allows businesses to hire a contract worker to fill a temporary position at a discounted wage rate.

What the JCP Covers

Unemployed workers are given, on average, $423/week in EI payments. The JCP program will aid with these EI payments and allow the individual to work the intern position from 6-52 weeks as they search for a long-term position.  While the candidate is carrying out the internship, their EI benefit weeks are being used up. The average length of a JCP contract is 26 weeks, however candidates are encouraged to apply for full-time positions while on contract.

Who is Eligible?

To be eligible for this program you must be currently umemployed and allowed to work in Canada. The candidate must not currently be working and cannot quit a job in order to become a candidate for JCP. Ontario organizations interested in hiring may be businesses, municipalities, band/tribal councils, public health and educational institutions or provincial/territorial governments.

Receive Government Funding Through JCP

In order to receive more information about this program, please visit the Job Creation Program website or contact Mentor Works directly. Be sure to browse other small business funding for hiring in order to help grow your business.

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