ecoENERGY Innovation Initiative (ecoEII)

The ecoENERGY Innovation Initiative is a new program and in the FedDev 2011 budget, the Next Phase of Canada’s Economic Action Plan. They received $97 million for a thorough suite of R&D and demostrating projects. The focus of the program is to encourage the production of technology that uses energy in a more clean and efficient way. The ecoEII will also aid in the search for long-term solutions to reducing and eliminating air pollutants from energy production and use.

Government Funding for Clean Energy R&D or Technology Demonstration Project

The Initiative breaks off into two funding streams, one for research and development and one for demonstration projects. Both require letters of expression of interest, an outline of the purposed project. The 5 key sections funded under this program are as follows:

  1. Energy efficiency
  2. Clean electricity
  3. Renewables
  4. Bioenergy
  5. Electrification of transportation and unconventional oil and gas.

Eligibility Requirements for this Small Business Funding Program

Applicants must be companies, industry/research associations, or academic institutions located in Canada with a project related to one of the 5 key areas. Eligible expenses include (from Natural Resources Canada website):

  • Salaries and benefits for employees on the recipient’s payroll, for actual time spent by the employees on the project
  • Professional, scientific, technical and contracting services
  • Reasonable travel costs, including meals and accommodation
  • Printing services
  • Data collection services, including processing, analysis and management
  • Licence fees and permits
  • Field testing services
  • Purchase, installation, testing and commissioning of qualifying equipment, materials and products equipment and products, including diagnostic and
  • Testing tools and instruments
  • Laboratory and field supplies and materials
  • Overhead expenses, provided they are directly related to the conduct of the project and can be attributed to it. Overhead expenses are to be included in the total project costs to a maximum of 15% of eligible expenditure.

Apply for ecoENERGY Innovation Initiative

Companies or research institutions with projects eligible for funding as listed above may contact Mentor Works for support and assistance in the process of applying for funds.

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