Hamilton LEED Grant Program

Canadian small businesses looking to do business in Hamilton, Ontario should consider the Hamilton LEED Grant Program. This program was created to encourage companies to expand within Hamilton by building energy efficient buildings within the city. The small business grant will help support the tax increases related to the renovations needed to LEED certify your building.

Why Strive for LEED Certification?

Companies who attain LEED Certification will benefit in a number of different ways. By becoming LEED certified, your building will experience a significant reduction in energy usage, which will have a direct impact on your bottom line. LEED certification will also lead to a reduced carbon footprint, safeguarding your business against possible carbon taxes and improve your corporate social responsibility efforts.

Eligibility for this Small Business Grant

Hamilton’s LEED Grant Program is available to property owners within the municipality of Hamilton who are developing, redeveloping, or renovating lands and buildings. You must submit an application form before the commencement of construction.

The funding program has the following funding amount limitations (from the application form):

  • The total value of the LEED grant provided under this program will not exceed the increase in municipal realty taxes as a direct result of the development or redevelopment of the land or building;
  • The LEED grant shall not exceed 75% of the municipal realty tax increase during the first five (5) years following the official certification of the building by the Canadian Green Building Council (CaGBC); and
  • The LEED grant shall not exceed the City’s share of the incremental construction cost;

As for eligible costs, the LEED Grant Program will cover:

  • Costs of Construction
  • Consultation
  • Energy Modelling
  • Certification Fees to Achieve LEED Certification

Learn More About Hamilton LEED Grant Government Funding Program

If you are interested in learning more about this small business funding opportunity, please visit Hamilton’s LEED Grant Program website or contact Mentor Works directly. And be sure to browse other government funding programs available to you to support your business expansion efforts.

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